Monday, 22 August 2011

A visit from the Fairy Hobmother

Guess what has happened to me!!!

Despite my numerous threats each Friday to rip the wings off a fairy for every RT of an individuals FFs the Fairy Hobmother has paid me a visit!!!! (and not to slap me round the face either)

Now originally I had posted on Get Lippies blog that the thing I wished for was some shoes, some pretty shoes that were highly impractical and almost impossible to walk in. (ok, bedroom shoes, you got me)

Unfortunately my 11yr old daughter must have sniffed the Amazon voucher and informed me she is in desperate need of a new school bag. (How does she do that!!!)

So thank you Fairy Hobmother. You have made my daughter a very stylish girl who is ready to start her new secondary school in September with an extremely cute and bang on trend Converse bag.

So this is how it works.

Leave me a comment below with a wish for The Fairy Hobmother.

If you are lucky she may see your wish and be able to grant it.

Don't forget to leave a way for her to contact you.

And let me know if she visits you.

Thanks again Fairy Hobmother.

Big Fashionista x x

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  1. Wow this bag is great,
    I have heard of the fairy hob mother doing her rounds and this is my 3rd wish,I always wish for a do-nut maker maybe its 3rd time lucky?
    lol :)

  2. I've heard of the Fairy Hobmother granting wishes but you're the first person I've seen actually win something! My wish would be to have a Filofax ready for starting university in September - I've always wanted one and now would be the perfect time to finally get one! :)

    Congrats on winning BF, if the Fairy Hobmother fancies getting in touch, my e-mail's ;)

    Rhiannon xo

  3. You're the third person, I've heard that has had their wish granted lately, I think it's time that I took beautys newest fairygodmother a bit more seriously lool

    Ok, for my wish . . . . I wish for a pair of straighteners that's actually straightners my hair, . . . with a heat control button!! (had to add that extra tidbit, as hair resembling crispy bacon is not needed . . . Or wanted)

  4. Glad she finally paid you a visit!

    I would love the Fairy Hobmother to visit me with an Amazon voucher to go towards a Kindle tucked under her wing!

  5. Ah How lovely of Fairy Hobmother to come back & what a cool bag!

    I wish for fairy kindness to pop a few shiny gold coins in my New Winter Boots jar! X

  6. How fab! The fairy's are saved :)

    I wish for some stationary to take with me to my new university in September.

  7. Aw your little girl is going to be the coolest girl in the classroom next month! I'd wish for some new toys for our 12 week old puppy! He needs so much entertaining and new toys are always on our shopping list! Fingers crossed the fairy hobmother pays me a visit! May xxx

  8. Oh lucky you!! I'd LOVE an Amazon voucher, I've had Worzel Gummidge in me basket for months. I really need to scare the daylights out of another generation... :) That's a gorgeous bag x

  9. Aw, lucky you!

    Hi Fairy Hob Mother.

    My wish would be for some new make up. I really want the new Urban Decay Anniversary Palette, or the 24/7 Liquid eyeliner set.

    Either that or some new DVD's and CD's for my collection.


  10. hahahah your daughter is sooo clever! and you guys one heck of a great bag :) coolest kid ever!!

    i'd get a little mini-fridge and pots & pans & plates and stuff, i had to throw everything away after 2nd year due to my year out :(


  11. Lucky you/your daughter! I'd love a laptop, but as that seems rather greedy a good old amazon voucher would be perfect for getting me some books for my upcoming holiday. My book addiction knows no bounds and it's where a large part of my pennies go each month...

  12. Excellent, now you can put that magnifying glass away as well, there are ants still looking nervous.

    I really rather like that converse bag - despite being 3 times your daughter's age. Presumably she just has impeccable taste for a tween and I'm not overly infantile for a woman in her 30s...

    If the Fairy is listening I'd like the Mad Men DVDs please - I don't get out much...

  13. I'd love to be given a hair straightner/ curler from the lovely Fairy Hobmother :) I'm moving from Malta to London and I use my sister's straightner/ curler so now I have to buy one but I'm kind of tight on cash at the moment! :)

    would love to hear from you Fairy Hobmother :)

  14. Congrats you! What a great way to start the year! I just came back from a trip away to find my DVD player broken (and the video player broke a year back) With the digital switch over I also need some way to view freeview :(

    Fairy hobmother....?

    Computergirl2007blog (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk

  15. Wow! I too have heard of people getting wishes granted, which is amazing (not to mention rare!) :)

    If the Fairy Hobmother is reading this (no pressure ;) then I would wish for a mini Diptique candle in Gardenia (asking for the large one - which costs nearly twice the price - would be greedy!) It's just what I need to make my new flat smell amazing :)

    Now I'm going to sit at my desk crossing my fingers all afternoon ;)

    Catherine x

  16. I wish the Fairy Hobmother would grant me a wish, as I have less than no money.

    But my wish is rather large and I can't see it happening, as my laptop (which I do all my blogging and photo editing on) is knackered beyond Mr Reds fixing abilities and I desperately need a new one.

    Should it break completely I'll be out of blogging for a while :(

  17. I may have to copy your daughter's style, I am loving that Converse bag.

    If I could have a wish, it would be some funky jewellery - I don't really care where it is from! I am 6 months pregnant and could do with some new accessories to jazz up my very *un*flattering maternity jeans which I seem to be living in at the mo.

    If the Fairy Hobmother would like to grant my wish then she can sprinkle fairy dust into my inbox at:

    Good luck to everyone!

    Steph x

  18. That is a seriously cool bag! What a wonderful idea Fairy Hobmother is, had heard about her before but was sceptical, that'll teach me!

    If I had one wish it would be for an Amazon voucher, I love books but never buy them as I read too rapidly and rely on my library, but there are a few I have read over the years that I would love to own to kick off my "library"!

    Thanks for the chance to make a wish! xx

  19. Hmm I know I wished for part of a working tv, but I just tried homemade frozen yoghurt. It was amazing. I am now looking at icecream/yoghurt makers before I steal my friends one :)

  20. My wish is quite a small one...I need a dress. That's it! Not just any dress though! I need a classy dress to wear to a special award meal for work. Everything I own is no where near smart enough as it's not often I get invited to posh evenings out! Unfortunately as I am a wee bit taller than your average lass, nothing (and when I say nothing I mean NOTHING) in my price range fits me. Apparently evening dresses for women who are 5'11 are in short supply...unless of course you want to look like a drag queen or an ugly sister!! lol

    Fairy Hobmother...please grant my wish so I can go to the ball! :) xxx

  21. Congrats! I'm wishing for a DAB radio so I can listen to Classic FM because it is the only thing that helps my chronic headache pain! The doctors are failing to help me so maybe the Fairy Hobmother can and make my days less painful to live through :) <3

  22. How cool is that, your daughter will be top of the class for style with that bag!

    Fairy Hobmother, I'm nearly 40 and in desparate need of a decent facecream xx

  23. Am wondering what to wish for besides an Ipad and Botox....but in order to appease the Fairy Hobmother an Amazon voucher would be tres useful to get shopping for American food goodies :) mwah

  24. How cool is this Fairy Hobmother??
    Love your bedroom shoes idea ;0)
    If I was a lucky girl I would love to get my sticky paws on some Doodle Stitching books as it just looks sooo cool and would keep me out of mischief x
    Kandi x

  25. I am single for the first time in 2.5 years, and I feel like I need some killer shoes/dress/TREAT to ease me into singledom with a huge smile on my face! :D
    Thankyou for sprinkling your fairydust on the blogesphere :o)
    @hannahbanana661 xxxx

  26. aw so pleased she visited you eventually I'm yet to have any look so I'll try again in just under 2 weeks its my mums birthday (a big one with a 0 on the end!) and in just over a month we go on holiday -eek my funds are going to be a bit stretched so I would really love if the fairy hobmother could see her way into helping me get something nice for my mums birthday and maybe give me something towards some essentials
    this is such a great idea good luck to everyone x

  27. Non frumpy maternity clothes would be heaven sent!

  28. Ohhh lucky you! :)
    I am wishing for a new laptop, as me and my brother are constantly fighting over the ONE computer in our whole house! I need it for school work as I'm doing my GCSE's but he's also starting at secondry school so will need it for homework! xxx

  29. Wow this is so much fun! Right now I would be happy with ... ok, got it! Some sort of face/beauty treatment to help with my adult acne, so some vouchers for a treatment or some nice products. It's embarrassing to even write this, talking publicly about my bad skin, but something like that would improve my confidence and would be the coolest thing :)

  30. What a lovely thing to do. It kind of restores my faith in humanity. My wish seems to be like your 11 year old daughter's! In two weeks exactly today (aarggh!!) I start my teaching course and I need a swish looking bag to take my books to uni in.

    amycwhitehead at hotmail . com

  31. congrats on the fairy hob mother visiting you :D
    my wish would be for a nice winter coat and wellies to prepare myself for this years awful weather again!

    shel xx

  32. Wow, how kind :o)

    If I could have a wish granted, I'd wish for something for my husband. He's had health issues recently and I'd love for him to have something to brighten up his day.

    Thanks so much!

    Claire x

  33. I would love a visit from the Fairy Hobmother. I would love to buy a little notebook so I could read all my favourite blogs and leave comments which I can't do on my iphone. I've been ill for 3 years now & spend a lot of time in pain & in bed. The internet is a good distraction from pain & blogs & youtube is my way of connecting with outside.
    Good luck to everyone

  34. Lucky you (or should that be you have a vey lucky daughter)

    Carrying on the theme, my wish for the Fairy Hobmother would be some books. My little girl is now learning to read so some books i could share with her (along with some fashion/beauty books for me) would be brilliant.

    Tess xoxo

  35. Lucky girl being visited by the fairy hobmother and I love that bag, never mind school bag that'd be ok for working a call centre eh?!

    As I am about to move into my first flat with the boy, i'd wish for a either a fridge, washing machine or cooker! any one would do :) and if the fairy hobmother fancies paying me a wee visit my e-mails

    Good luck everyone :) x

  36. Dear Fairyhobmother
    I'd love to be able to buy a few books I am coveting on amazon, I love reading !
    Thanks ever so much !

  37. Dear Fairy Hobmother,
    I need a tablet for my illustrations (wink wink). I know there are so many out there hunting you down so they'd get their wish granted :D, but a voucher would do, I'll hunt husband for the rest of the money! :D
    thank youuu!

  38. Your daughter has some good taste in bags!

    If I was lucky enough to be visited by the Fairy Hobmother, I would love a contribution to a new laptop. Mine has a broken screen, a missing 'm' key and runs at snail pace. All funds currently being diverted to saving for a new fridge instead :/

    Ellie x

    Ellie x


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