Monday, 12 September 2011

Alcohol-related injuries"

So I am writing this one handedly at the moment

(minds out of the gutter people, you filthy lot)

I am slowly and painfully typing this out as a lesson to you all.

I have spent the afternoon in A&E recovering from what is known in the trade as an "alcohol-related injury" (Oh wine, you seductive grape drippage you)

Mixing wine, fluffy socks and laminate flooring is never a good idea, add in some running across the aforementioned floor and all you get in return are damaged ligaments and tendons in your wrist and 7-10 days of wrist strapping.

Or to cut a long story short, I fell drunkedly on my arse.

(Can I just add that this beige wrist splint goes with absolutely NOTHING in my wardrobe!!! Is there not a more seasonal colour I could style? or even a rock version with tiny skulls on it)

I am sure that if I hadn't consumed so much alcohol the running would not have seemed like such a good idea, but at the time it really did.
(2 seater sofa, four of us, You do the math)

We've all done it haven't we?

Haven't we?

So make me feel better everyone.

Todays blog is like a confessional box, unburden your soul and share with me YOUR alcohol-related injuries.

(or your friends injuries, I really don't mind)

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I had a friend while drunk she thought it would be a good idea to jump onto a fire hydrant..she missed and slit open her face...
    Another friend just happened to slip into a drainage ditch..hilarity ensued...
    I myself once fell through a glass table, amazingly I did not get hurt and I also did NOT spill my drink, the table top was a goner though...
    Hope recovery is speedy!

  2. Yep we have all done it... Me probably once a week...have no shame.x

  3. Bless you, you need to align your chakras or something and rapid style, no sooner over one hideously worrying time and your straight into an injury, hope the wrist heals quickly! Stupid drunken injuries? So hammered once I fell backwards onto a concrete patio, made no effort to break my fall, and as my head bounced 3 times (I remember each one vividly) I thought "ooh this feels nice" apparently I suffered no lasting damage!

  4. oh no i hope you feel better soon. I spent ages trying to think of soemthing from my uni days since i dont drink very often anymore. i once went out on "pub golf", i was the only girl, a tiny 5ft girl who cant hold her drink, i tried to match them drinking, it didnt go down very well. i was in a pub where you had to go upstairs to the toilets, upstairs (who thought that was a good idea), needless to say i fell all the way down them on my way back, i had to be carried home. what an idiot. we have all been there :D

  5. Attempted the robot on the dancefloor at a wedding (wasted of course!) in a pair of 4" high heels to twart a letch cracking onto me. Needless to say my appalling dance moves put the guy off immediately, however my over strenuous moves resulted in me putting my back out for 3 days unable to move! Next time I shall welcome said letch, to avoid injury and also any attention from the opposite sex now I'm getting older is a bonus! Get well soon chick xxx

  6. Hope it doesnt take too long to get better! I can't remember anything I've done but my boyfriend once went onto some monkey bars when blind drunk, slipped off and split his chin open! Still has a nice little scar as a reminder

  7. Ahhh... where should I start?! I am pretty injury prone so I'm sure there are a few I could share...
    One that stands out is from a trip to Thailand (Koh Phangan)a few years ago... After consuming far too many cocktails containing vodka/whiskey, coke, plus thai red bull (rumour has it it's laced with some sort of amphetamines - probably a myth but anyway)...I decided it was a good idea to join in the fire skipping rope activities happening on the beach. Yep, that would be a giant rope, soaked in petrol, and lit on fire, swung around by two strong men for adventurous (stupid) people to jump over. Did I mention I was accident prone? I did 3 skips (which I was pretty chuffed about) then tripped on the 4th, face planted onto the sand as my leg got caught up in the FIRE rope, then hobbled off trying to pretend I was fine. Needless to say I wasn't fine - I had a red raw huge burn on my leg. Which I couldn't feel at the time (!) but waking up the next morning was both painful and confusing!

  8. Went to an evening rugby match, so as I was without kids, quite a lot of drink was taken - on the way back home I fell backwards ending up sitting on a stone doorstep, felt fine, went to bed.
    When I got up the next morning the whole of my left bum cheek was purple, one huge bruise which took forever to go - still haven't lived that one down!

  9. Yes, we have all been there. Especially me. My most embarrassing one was falling over on a dance floor dancing to Cotton Eyed Joe in high heels, which caused me to damage my anterior cruciate ligament (like what footballers do). The sheer force of embarrassment and alcohol meant I got home fine, just realised when I got back to my house that I couldn't actually climb the stairs.

    I also sprained my wrist last year when there was all the bad weather. Everyone at work assumed I'd slipped on the ice....actually I fell over the cat.....

    Hope you feel better soon! x

  10. I fell out of bed on the way to the bathroom to be sick, landed on one knee on laminate flooring... the bruise was enormous.

    That's about all I've done while under the influence, I've been lucky I guess lol I do worse while sober.


  11. A friend of mine thought it would be a good idea to climb on tip of a random car waiting at an intersection. The driver of that car took off, and my friend ended up needing dental work.

  12. Amateurs. The lot of you. Call them accidents?

    I've had TWO 'alcohol-related' pregnancies and subsequent babies!
    One is called Ava and one is called Max.


  13. Running for the night bus in heels whilst plastered is a definite no-no! I fell (as predicted) and banged my knee on the kerb as I made no effort to break my fall. Felt fine at the time but the next morning my knee was black and the size of a melon!

    Steph xx

  14. All I have is a lot of arm/leg/hip bruising and the inability to look the poor back seat of my car in the face. Bloody Smirnoff Ice, you temptress.

  15. When a fresher at Uni we were coming to the end of the year.

    Some of the chaps were having a late night water fight in the halls. The lino in the communal areas doesn't mix well with water and inevitably someone slips over. He was carrying (using as a launcher) a glass pint pot. He smashed his hand down on the glass as he lands lacerating his hand, the night before his MSc Physics exam.


  16. A Friend decided to take a short cut home once, over a field, he jumped confidently over a wall, only to land in a big bramble bush, hence back full of scratched next day. Same friend also managed to ride a bike into a canal

  17. Ouch, get well soon. I had a friend who has had FOUR alcohol related accidents in the last 15 years. She needs to stop drinking. Here we go. 1) Spying on her university boyfriend in his basement flat - she fell down the steps to the flat whilst trying to peer in his window. He was with another woman in the flat doing horizontal gymnastics. Result: Broken leg and boyfriend ditched her.
    2) She was at a well-known celebrity's house for a party and leant back on a balcony that was two storey's off the ground and the balcony railing collapsed. Result: shoulder and neck injury and tried to sue the celebrity. They settled out of court after the female celebrity started leaving threatening messages on my friend's mobile. 3) She ran across a road in Sydney very drunk and was hit by a car DRIVEN BY A NUN and containing three other nuns. Result: broken arm.
    4) Drunk at a party at my house she fell down the carpeted stairs as she has socks and not shoes on. Result: taken to hospital at 3am with a back injury.
    We are no longer friends but none of the above is the reason why...

  18. Ha ha ha ha. Love em all. We need to have one huge party and see what happens. We'd have to notify the local hospital and blood Amos to be on standby :-)

  19. Hey Big Fashionista its ipurplestarz from twitter! Hope your wrist is feeling better!

    My drunken injury is as follows:I was walking home with my best friend after a birthday drink up, drunk and she was howling at me telling me i love my then boyfriend more than her. she somehow slipped both feet in the air onto her bum but somehow hurt her mouth and I being the concerened best friend laughed so hard i walked into a parked, yes I said parked car fell to the ground and injured the whole right side of my body...I will never understand how I did it and we still laugh about it to this day!

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  21. My drunken injury - halloween night 2010 - a drunk girl dressed as a clothes horse accidentally fell into me at the top of a flight of stairs - I fell down backwards split my head open! Sat in A&E dressed as one quarter of a barbershop quartet (one of the other quartets with me)- moustache and all! But I felt better when a girl came in dressed as a sexy policewoman and a guy came in dressed as a surgen lol. Had to get 4 staples in my head!!!


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