Thursday, 22 September 2011

Baldilocks and the three hairs

Once upon a time there was a young lad in his early twenties, Good-looking (he's no Wayne Rooney)  He had reasonable success with the ladies but he was worried, very worried. He looked at his dad who was bald and he wondered whether one day he would go the same way.

A few years pass and his worst fears come true.

The day comes when all his friends have to wear sunglasses to stop the sunlight from bouncing off the top of his head into their eyes.

He wonders how much a hair transplant costs and whether his mates would call him a twat (they would) He prays that baseball caps will finally come back into fashion (they won't) but he never stops to think that perhaps to the opposite sex he will look even MORE attractive.

There is something highly attractive about a bald man, but if you are going to be a HOT bald man then firstly EMBRACE your baldness.

None of this please,

Listen to me, that is NEVER an attractive look, even a naked Paul Rudd couldn't carry that look off well. The comb over is not sexy, does not give an illusion of hair and the only reason that Donald Trump gets away with it is because women are too busy thinking of bearing his heirs rather than him baring his hairs.

If your mates start calling you Baldvader, chrome dome, curly, or my personal favourite, Baldilocks and the three hairs SHAVE IT OFF.

There is something seriously sexy about a man who is follically challenged and owns it.

(slightly gratuitous? Ah, you got me, complaint forms are on the left)

It is a bit like a woman with curves. If she tries to hide her curves she can end up looking like a sack of potatoes (thanks for that comment mum) but if she emphasises her curves then she can look like a knockout.

A lot of what makes a bald man sexy is confidence. Be bald and PROUD.

THAT is what I find attractive,

How about you?

Would you date a bald man?

Would you actively seek out a bald man to date?

or do you have HAIR-iffic nightmares that one day your partner will end up bald.

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Some men do bald very well! My husband's hair is very thick and I can't picture him bald...but he would still be the most attractive guy ever to me no matter what :).

  2. i cant say i would rule anyone out based on looks if your bald but hilarious and intelligent then i will give you a go but personally i dont find bald men attractive... even the pics you have put in, i dont know why, sorry...

  3. Oh god I LOVE bald, if you are male and bald assume I think you are hot. If you are male, bald and hot duck cos I am about to throw my pants at you. Sorry for scary mental image there!
    Ihavemostlybeen xx

  4. My boyf is going bald quite young and although he says he's not bothered I think he is. He'll still be gorgeous but it's currently at the difficult stage where most of us are thinking "just shave it off" but it's a big step to admit it's gone too far and he hasn't yet!

    Hot bald men - we still love you (drools over photo of Jason Statham!)

  5. I think bald is only good if you are going bald, rather than this fashion for young chaps (god I am showing my age here, chaps??) to shave it all off, just strikes me as a tad aggressive. I am rather partial to a Kevin McCloud sort of receding short back and sides look, with side burns or louse ladders (Naval slang apparently) but then he's my sort of age. xx

  6. I don't think I'd actively seek out a bald man if I was single - but I wouldn't really actively seek out any particular type! There's no danger of my OH going bald - he has to get his hair cut every 3-4 weeks, it grows so quickly (he is going grey though, yum).
    I knew a guy once who was in complete denial about his balding head - he didn't do the combover, but had the little Homer Simpson job on top. It made him look about 65. Then, he met a woman, shaved his head, and boom - took about 40 years off him. I say if you're going bald, just get rid of the lot!

  7. Oooh I LOVES me a baldy. When I was single anyone with a shaven head or none at all would be top of my list. Mmm,mmm!

  8. I only ever knew my dad bald, so i've never seen it as an issue in men. Complete opposite was my husband when we first met though, hair right down his back! Absolutely love the look though, Vin Diesel any day hehe :)


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