Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Cheese & wine males.

What is it lately with men?

(no, not that, or that, or that either)

Lately I have found myself applying lipstick before I sit in front of the TV on a Saturday night. Now I could lie to you and say that my personal appearance is extremely important to me, but quite honestly that would be a downright lie. My Saturday night attire at this time of year consists of a fluffy all in one with sheep on it, animal slippers and a slanket with some very dubious stains on it. Saturday night is all about comfort baby.

So what has brought about this change in me?

One thing.

Gary Barlow.

Now I must admit, I am of a certain age where I was a hard-core Take That fan the FIRST TIME around.

And back then I wouldn't have given Gary Barlow a second glance. If his face was on one side of a double-sided poster and Jason Orange was on the other? Well let's just say poor Gary would have had a lifetime of staring at the wall.

See? It just isn't attractive is it?

But now?

Hubba hubba.

What is it with some men that they can mature like a fine wine?

Women can maintain their good looks but it is rare that we actually get better the older we get. but there are certain men, and Gary "Hot Stuff" Barlow is definitely one of them, who are like cheese. As soon as the veins start to appear they start to look tasty.

George Clooney is another one. Now admittedly he started off with more than his fair share of good looks and charm but as the corners of his eyes started to crinkle and the hair started greying, he had me.


Now is this me?

Am I the one getting old here? (actually, don't answer that)

Perhaps it is my taste that is changing!!

I fully expect to be put on a list somewhere if I admitted to a crush on One Direction.
(put that phone down, no crushing on the 1D boys from me) They are just TOO young for me.

But the mature man now rocks my world.

Look at George Lamb (allllllllll day long thank you very much) a hint of the silver fox and I am in lust.

(If anyone else is thinking that this post has turned into a personal little eye candy treat for myself..................... Yeah, you may be right)

So where was I?

(snaps back to reality)

The mature man.

What do you think?

Is it my taste that is changing or is there a certain type of man out there that looks better with age?

Who do you think has improved?

Gary Barlow?

Would ya?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I'm with you this one missus, I've got such a thing for the mature man, especially Mr Bruce Willis although I fell head over heels with him in Armageddon. I've seen pictures of my hubby to be when he was younger (my real h2b not crazily referring to Bruce here!) and if I'm honest if we'd had met years before we actually did he wouldn't have gotten a look in, he definitely improves with age xx

  2. i think thats just the age old problem, women get worse with age and men get better, it sucks to be us. loving the pictures first thing in the morning though :D


  3. Oh I WOULD. Definitely. Your poster comment made me burst out laughing - remember those mahoosive sheets of stickers that used to be free with Smash Hits? I'd smother my school books with everyone except poor Gary.

    Yes, I have a huge thing for older men. My OH is older than me and he's starting to show the odd grey - swoon. Have always had a thing for Mel Gibson too (not the whole slightly-racist-deranged-thing, just HIM) and give me Gerard Butler any day of the week (I know he's only 41 but he's still older to me). Or every day of the week, whichever works. :)

  4. Mr Gary Barlow..the talented but rather podgy one from TakeThat...good grief.....I find myself hanging on his every word and just waiting for the camera to get him in frame!! he is gorgeous...and it is now ok to admit to the Gary- Crush thing; lol
    Mature men have that 'experience;..'protective' thing going on too...and they do just get better and better...well most of them.
    But hey! we women do pretty well too.
    Love your Blog

  5. Robert Downey Jnr, and im only 20. Mmmmmmmmmmm ;)

  6. Oh I totally would. All 3 of them. Preferably simultaneously.

  7. I keep getting told off for commenting on how hot Gary is when watching XFactor - and my boyfriend is a ridiculous Barlow fan anyway!

  8. I WOULD. The end.

    Not that it's going to make me tune into the X factor, but he is hot. Men definitely get better with age - trick is to find the young slightly gawky one who is going to grow up good! But what if you get to 40 and they're still a minger? Sigh. The risks we have to take.


  9. urgghhh seriously we have the SAME taste in men! Men look amazing with some grey in their hair, i love it! Gary is hot stuff, can't wait for my weekend fix of Captain Barlow ;)



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