Thursday, 1 September 2011

Drunk Dialling

You are off on your night out.

Your hair is done, the make up is perfect, the dress is a showstopper. (Well done you, you look fabulous, have you lost weight?)

You've put your car keys somewhere safe, No drink driving here, you are not stupid.

You check you have your essentials. Cash, lipstick, fags, your mobile phone...............

And therein lies your problem.

Let's talk drunk-dialling.

You know how someone invented a machine that goes onto your car so you have to breathe into the tube before it will let you start your car? If you are over the limit then the car doesn't start?

If someone could invent one of those for mobile phones please, there are many, many humiliated people out there who would be grateful.

(Gets in line)

You know that sinking feeling when you wake up in the morning with a stonking hangover and all of a sudden that roll of nausea that overtakes you has nothing to do with the amount of alcohol you drank. You reach for your phone, and read with horror the texts that you managed to send to "that" person or worse, see the call log and see the length of the calls you made at 2am. OH THE SHAME. (Shall I hold back your hair while you vomit?) The total shame.

We've all been there. There is just a switch in your head that when you have a drink in one hand and a mobile phone in the other, flicks to neutral and lets you just do what the hell you want. You NEED immediate answers to questions you never even knew you had before, and your mobile phone turns into that bitch of a mate who really should be looking out for you but doesn't. Instead of losing all signal and shutting down, what does it do? It dials the bloody number and lets you make an arse of yourself!!!

Would you have done that sober? I think not. Are we blaming the phone for letting you do it? Oh definitely. I won't ever call any phone a smart phone again until it gives me the option of blocking certain numbers until I can once again prove I am sober. (that may take some time)

Surely there is an app for that?

And if there isn't, there damn well should be.

Do you drunk dial?

What do you think about an app that prevents you from drunk dialling?

Or is the shoe on the other foot, have you had drunk calls from an ex at 2am?

What did they say? Share the shame people, share the shame.

Big Fashionista x x



  1. I have drunk texted a lot over the years, there should definitely be a ban on that too!

  2. my ex from five years ago still drunk dials me. we dont even live in the same county but he still thinks of me when he's drunk. It's annoying as hell, but ok, I have my phone always on silent. xx

  3. i have to say drunk dialling is not something i do... i know a lot of people who do though :s

  4. I don't have a problem with drunk dialling or texting. I have a problem with coming home from a night out and thinking it'd be a GREAT idea to fire up the laptop and talk shite on facebook and add people I'd never EVER add sober. Laptops need breathalizers. *dies of shame*

  5. i dont know my worst offence of this, because its usually important that i block it out in order to go on living after, but my most recent incidents involve harassing a jovial irish man i'd been on a few dates with. first it was a three-cocktail induced 'so are we gonna see each other again or what?!' which i believe came at the massively inappropriate time of the london riots. and then last weekend he was at reading and i at leeds festival, and i text him semi-abusive drunken messages about how much better all the bands thought leeds was. totally unnecessary wine related aggression. he is no longer jovial towards me and quite rightly called me a moron..

  6. Oh i love this post, i totally agree with the idea of an app that shuts your phone down to all calls and text outbound unless it's a 999 call when you have been drinking. I have been guilty of this in the past, thank god i'm older and wiser now although there is still that one person (the one that got away) who i can't drink around because i get so angry at him for all the crap that went on, and i have abused him verbally on nights out. I stay away from him now the mortification was too much.

  7. I used to drunk text but I was sneaky and would delete the messages in my drunken state so I would wake up feeling like I should be ashamed but never knowing quite why!

    An app would be amazing to prevent drunk dialling although sometimes it is amusing to be the recipient - providing it isn't on a school night!

    I tend to receive drunk texts more than calls - the worst is when they are from someone waaaaay in the past and I don't have their number anymore so have no idea who it is.


  8. I once received a drunk call from my male friend, who proceeded to sing down the phone telling me how I needed to come out and get drunk too!!

    I definitely could have done with an app when I was a Uni, because I was definitely a compulsive drunk texter...ex-boyfs should definitely be banned on my Uni-days phones.

  9. I'm not entirely sure how effective these are, but there actually *are* apps for that.

    One's called "Don't Dial" and is available in iTunes (69p) and Android Market (61p, oddly).

    And for you, @BigFashionista, there's one on BlackBerry AppWorld called 'Don't Drunk Dial!' - Although the BB Website keeps directing me to the USA AppWorld portal, where it's $0.99 - not sure if it's available here.

    Maybe these can help save you from yourselves...?


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