Thursday, 29 September 2011

How old is old?

So a little while ago on the grapevine of life called Twitter, the lovely @Sarahs_scribble sent out a tweet about More magazine wondering why they were calling all bloggers to write for them and then had actually put an age limit on it.

18-26 in fact.

A huge fuss was kicked up and then the lovely Liloo noticed that they had taken down their "Calling ALL bloggers" request and changed it to calling YOUNG bloggers.

Say WHAT More Magazine?

Now unfortunately I do understand the 18 part, for legal reasons I am sure. It isn't fair but I think it is right.

But an upper limit to write about Fashion and Beauty and Life?


Do people hit 26 years old, look around and think,

"You know what I need? Polyester slacks, and possibly an apron. That would be so nice and also comfortable, I need comfortable now I am in my twilight years"

Once you hit 26 do you start to look around for the latest styles in blue rinses and begin to dream about wearing purple lipstick with matching eye shadow?

Of course you don't (hides all polyester clothing immediately)

I am sure that More Magazine would say that 18-26 is their target demographic audience. I wonder, Are all their staff writers 18-26? I sincerely doubt it.

Part of me wonders if in fact most of their features are written by 47 year old men called Barry and also perhaps Nigel.

A good writer can reach their audience no matter what age. Jacqueline Wilson writes for teens, is she a teen? No but she knows what they want and that makes her a great writer.

More magazine have basically stated that if you are over 26....... you might as well be dead to all things fashion and beauty. Such a shame.

And let's not lose sight of another part of this.

Another magazine that is looking for free content from bloggers without having to pay for it.

I wonder if Nigel and Barry work for free.

I doubt it.

What do you think of the More saga?

Are they right to put an age limit on blogging?

Let me know


at 8.50pm tonight More Magazine tweeted that they would be changing their rules and anyone over 18 can enter.

Will you be entering?

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I agree with your post, its well put.
    Just because I woke up one day and became 27 doesn't mean I am suddenly not interested in magazines/fashion/beauty etc.

    I am a tiny bit older than their upper age limit and I still have ideas, thoughts, and opinions about many things, and I hope I have got more interesting as I get older!

    If they don't want people of my age contributing to it then I won't buy it.

  2. Hmm, I gave up reading More way before I was 26 *shuffles off with zimmer frame*. But that was because it was tedious. Had some decent high street fashion spreads if that was your bag, but I think they'd exhausted embarrassing bodies, boyfriend quizzes and every conceivable (use condoms kids) sexual position by the time I was 15.

    The free content thing is different, but I assume the agreement would be reciprocal, traffic to your blog and such like? Plus it's something to add to the CV.

  3. There are numerous blogger outside that age range blogging about all sorts, ok so if your 50, you may not know what the average teen or 20, 30 something wants right now. But 26? they will always have demographic blah blah blah to fall back on…but im not in the range so I does that mean I should only read bella? And what is with mags using bloggers...for free?

  4. I honestly don't get the problem. Its a magazine for a certain age group, they've opened up an opportunity for people of that age group. Its got nothing to do with whether I can offer anything, I can offer plenty, but clearly they've decided to stick with their demographic and I dont' find that odd or offensive really? In Fact it seems obvious that thats what they should do?

    They've not put an age limit on blogging OR said if you're over 26 you can't know about these things! They've put an age limit on bloggers they want to use in their publication or on their site or whatever it is, and the age limit is in keeping with their target audience.

    More is shit anyway. If I was 18 again I'd be on it like a tonne of bricks, but as a 37 year old, it's fine, I'd have assumed I wasn't their ideal writer anyway, I'm a little more "woman and home" LOL

  5. Well I'm a decade out of date for more, but then I haven't read it since I was 17 and by that time I'd fully out grown it. I have been after a nice apron recently and I'm not ashamed to admit it but... BUT... I am also very interested in fashion and beauty and think that my style now is more established and confident than it has ever been. We oldies certainly have someething to offer. The age limit is horse shit, More are doing themselves out of a wealth of talent and experience. More fool them.

  6. I read it after I saw your tweets and it is a great competition, one I would have loved to enter since I do still read the magazine, but I am three years out of date!

    Plenty of other places are holding blogger competitions and there is no shortage of them, but I suppose they have to gear it to who they think their readership is. I would assume they would take a picture of their chosen blogger and feature them on their website - Someone I guess they want readers to look at and emulate - and I'm afraid girls 27 just doesn't cut it!

    Westfield is holding a competition at the moment, but no age limit is specified, because one would assume they want everyone to shop there.

    I guess you have to question whether a blogger writing for More! would be the same as one writing for Marie Claire? Totally different readership and style, but it kind of leaves the question open whether to be blunt and ask for certain aged bloggers writing for them, or weedle them out themselves at the entry stage (if people were honest about their ages)


  7. More magazine?.... They still print that?!

  8. Hi everyone,

    Really interesting to read this blog post & comments. I hold my hands up - putting the upper age limit was a bad idea in hindsight, but was done more in a thoughtless way rather than it being part of a big cunning plan.

    I'm a blogger myself, so the last thing I'd try to do is annoy bloggers or try to get free content from them. The more! blog boudoir is all about us finding up and coming bloggers and giving them a platform to show off their brilliance. But it's much more than that - we've got (secret) plans to support the bloggers in a bigger way.

    Really sorry that my hurriedly written website post has upset people. (NB we've changed the age range now so it's open to everyone 18+)

  9. Ha! I guess I won't be entering under this name
    *removes bullet from foot*

  10. I might as well stay home in my house coat and curlers, didn't realise I was old now lol, love your honest writing.

  11. I personally don't get the big deal to be honest, and as for writing for free, I thought most bloggers did that anyway? Or am I missing out on something here lol


  12. I am over 26.. I guess that means my life is over now.....

    I can understand the lower age limit. Legal reasons, but you don't have to be young to have an 'up and coming' blog, or even a new blog, and want a bit of a platform break. Also as it's been pointed out not many people who write for younger readers are actually all that young themselves.

    I'm not that fussed in terms of I myself wanting to write for them, I don't buy it and only read it if someone at work left one in the kitchen, but the implications with the original age limit annoyed me.

  13. booo to more mag, im pushing the limit of being fashionable (to be honest i dont think i ever was HA) :D

  14. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..


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