Friday, 2 September 2011

Nom or Vom

Hello Friday

Now I know that the last couple of weeks have been slightly up and down in regards to the quality of man on Nom or Vom but a suggestion from my beloved Pip has led to this weeks Nom or Vom being.................................

Jesse Metcalfe

Rumoured to be returning to Desperate Housewives for the final season, let us remind ourselves exactly how hot this man can be.

 Looking good so far.

Loving the suit Jesse

Loving the teeth Jesse

Nice belly button

Oh I can't rotate this bloody picture, (Now I am imagining you all tipping your heads to the right-you are aren't you?)

Ah Jesse, I hope you make a return to Wisteria Lane, and get back to what you do best. I'm sure Eva Longoria needs her bush attending to.

So what do we think everyone?

Nom or Vom?

Big Fashionista x x



  1. He has a fit body but I find him vom vom! I would still do things to him,but I would need to put a bag over his head but thats another game/story! x

  2. Ditto, VOMIT! Too cheesy, pretty poster boy for my liking!

  3. Vom - he is a pretty boy poser my skin literally crawls when i see him :O x x

  4. Vom, he has bigger boobies than me

  5. im sorry its a vom from me, something about his face makes me want to slap him lol... i can see why he appeals though :D

  6. Vom. He's foul like some sort of plastic man-child.

  7. Kel I'm not quite sure what these birds want from a man but he is the finest fucking man I've ever seen. You done me proud. I owe you a drink just for them pictures alone!!! Xx

  8. Total Vom - too much of a pretty boy no matter how hard he tries to look like a bit of rough.

  9. Vom - He's too clean cut for me! x

  10. Agreed...Vom. His skin is too perfect and his eyebrows too preened. His face also too round...or something... nah. NEXT!

  11. His tits are bigger than mine.
    Just vommed all over myself.

  12. Yucky, too clean for me too. Also, the fact that he's been in Nadine from girls aloud - pukey!

  13. Vom vom vom vom vom. Too groomed. Too smug looking.

  14. Vom. Vom. He is a smuggy mcsmuggerton! Bad hair! And he looks like he spends more time plucking his brows than I do.

    Steph x

  15. Big Fat Vom on top of fake plastic vom bought from the joke shop... Smug Feck like him!

    Did I say vom?

  16. Love it.
    More for me :D

  17. Has to be a VOM, he is just to clean cut for me. How about Jared Leto yummy. Can I say that.... Hehe

    Cam x x x

  18. Oh my god. He has been my crush since he first appeared on tv!!! :O :P xxx


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