Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Secret Skank

When Grace Woodward announced on Twitter on Sunday that the wet hair look is going to feature heavily on the S/S '12 catwalks, I have to admit I breathed a small sigh of relief.

Considering I have been rocking that look on the school run for the last ten years it is about time it was seen as "current" and "on trend"

I am what is known as a "secret skank"

There are a lot of us around.

Have you seen me in a hat?

I love hats, it means I don't have to wash my hair quite as often. A hat is the perfect way to cover hair that is, how do I put this? Past its best.
(oh don't say ewwwwwwww, you know you've done it)

Does my eye make-up look smudged to perfection?

I probably slept in it. (Ok, there is no probably involved)

and if creased clothing ever becomes the latest thing, then I have that look down as well.

There are a lot of us secret skanks out there, it's all about finding that perfect shortcut. it's not laziness, it's just the way we are. Dry shampoo was created for people like me (for when I forget my hat)

(Very) occasionally I look so accidently fashionable it actually hurts.

Messy bun? (Done it)

Ripped tights? (Rocked it)

Black bra under a white T-shirt? (Owned it)

and because I don't actually mean to do it, it looks effortless. I'm no try-hard, I'm a secret skank.

That perfect dress that is dry-clean only? If there are no stains visible to the naked eye then it's going back in the wardrobe after a quick squirt of Febreze. (I have one dress in my wardrobe I should think about donating to science after my death)

A quick side note, if Febreze ever want to become the latest "must-have" fragrance, I can totally get behind that fashion trend too.

Now if only I can get body hair to make a come back (or hairy tights) I will be all set for A/W '12.

Are you a Secret Skank?

Share with me your secrets,

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I'm waiting for the day it will be deemed acceptable to wear a towel turban to the shops. Then I'll be happy!

  2. i am pretty lazy and tend to wear the same hairstyle etc everyday, when i have to be quick my hair is always pinned up, it is too much effort to have it down. but other than that i dont do any of the above :s


  3. ahahahahaha YAY!! I do the Febreze dry clean too!

    I am mix of clumsy with a bit of skank. I regularly forget that I am wearing mascara and smudge it to accidental perfection - yet somehow doing a "proper" smokey eye is beyond my conscious capabilities. I rip my tights because I leave going to the toilet till the last possible minute. Oh and I rarely iron anything...have you seen my outfit posts on my blog?....yah...no ironing in sight.

  4. I have christened Fabreze "slut spray" and carry a can when I am away for work (when away I am working in a field, so wellys and a slut sprayed rugby shirt are my uniform!) that said I cant do skanky, woke up this morning with an eye trauma, its a regular thing, hurts like a bitch but I am used to it but my eye's aren't able to tolerate light when it happens so I showered, washed and blow dried my hair and applied make up, minus mascara, in the dark with one eye shut. The drawn on eyebrows weren't my best but other than that it was all good! I did have 13 guests to serve breakfast to and turning up with unwashed hair and yesterdays make up just wouldnt do, sadly!

  5. That was interesting and very funny, loved it.


  6. Sooo glad I'm not alone! Dry shampoo is a staple my hair is always a mess I actually think the wet look would be a vast improvement! No matter what I wear I manage to pull off the dishevelled look - you might call me a trendsetter, and if clothes with marks from grubby hands all over them and necklines pulled out if shape ever become stylish well them I shall be s fashion pioneer! Xx

  7. This is hilarious! I agree we can all be secret skanks! Dry shampoo is my saviour, although if I sleep in makeup (rarely!) I look like a scary bitch in the morning.

  8. I'm guilty of being a skank, not a secret one either!

    I often go out with unwashed hair, yesterdays makeup and eau du febreeze!

    I've not had my iron out for 3 years! I do however have a steamer which sprays over the clothes when they are hangers to remove creases but that's not ironing is it!

  9. This made le laugh a lot - the thing about the dry clean dress, especially. Hang it up in a steamy bathroom and the creases and pongs just disappear.

    However. I wash my hair every day, don't know the meaning of "dry shampoo" and do always take my makeup off.

    My husband is a secret skank though - some of his underwear pre-dates me. Although I do make sure he doesnt use the steamy bathroom to "refresh" them - they do get washed!

  10. i'm definately a secret skank, my hair right at this moment is in a pony tail with grips holding up my greasy fringe!!

    Not tried the fabreeze thing, must remember that one!!

  11. While I always wash my face and apply new make-up I will leave washing my hair for to long at times, it gets chucked up in a pony with a hairband to hide the greasy root-age (I cant believe I just admitted that)

    Sometime.... I will wear something twice without washing it if it doesnt pong (sniff test) then liberal amounts of bodyspray to smell pretty.

  12. LMFAO this had me laughing out loud but namely in understanding! Being a school run mum I totally get you. Especially hats! I see my bestie up the school with a hat or vice versa - first question is about hair washing! Seriously! Then there's the smudged eye liner maybe from the night before or probably due to fast application. You hope its passable and then blame a random fly or something going in your eye. Don't even get me started on stains on clothing! When I had baby's it was perfect - any stain was something the child had just done. Of course this outfit was clean when I put it on ;) Love you post and yes (At times) I am a secret skank too! Mel xxxx

  13. Love reading your posts!
    All hail the skanks.. I am a fan of the hats, and also I hardly EVER wash my hair.. partly because it takes me literally 3 hours to wash,dry and straighten.. so i forever rock the grease look! But you know what, noone cares!
    And your blog, show's there's more of us girls like that :-)
    Always enjoy reading your blog!



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