Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Xbox widow

When most people wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of gunfire, I am sure that their natural reaction is to duck & roll, (or if you live near where I do in east london, fire back!!!! I'm actually very concerned that when the Olympics begins, how the runners will be able to differentiate between the starting pistol and the normal sounds of gunfire in Stratford)

When I wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of gunfire? I turn over and ask my OH to turn it down.

I am an XBox widow.

It's ok, I don't have to wear black or anything (although the colour IS very slimming) and  I don't get sympathy cards pushed through the door (although my son's best friend HAS knocked and asked if Mr F will add him online)

I wouldn't wear black anyway, it would clash with his new love, the Xbox 250g. SHE wears black, Apparently it accentuates her smooth lines and curves (Biatch)

What is the obsession with the stupid thing anyway? I just don't understand it,

Need for Speed?

Need for a life more like it.

Call of Duty?

Call of someone from downstairs telling you that dinner is on the table (You are going to ignore it. I know it, you know it)


Fuck off.

You are pretending to play football? Grab a ball, run to the park with your mates (Oh, my bad) and kick the ball with your feet, you know? feet. The things you use to walk over to the XBox to switch it on.

And talking of turning things on!!!!!

Should the only groaning in the bedroom be coming from the zombies on screen?

I truly think not.

So I need to take out my love rival,

I'm talking doing her some serious damage, I may even cut off her plug!!! Drain her life force forever.

Anyone else out there in the same position?

What tips would you give me to get rid of my rival?

Power up people, and lets roll.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Mine had abandoned me for Resistance...I am a PS3 widow

  2. mine doesnt play xbox he is a pc gamer, i am a pc widow, but it is still things like COD and other such games. i make him wear headphones now, it helps, although the strange shouting is annoying, he forgets im sleeping you see :S

  3. Oh dear! I personally am a surfing and kitesurfing widow - it means I don't get woken by gunfire but it also means plans can be changed at the last minute if it's a windy day! :)

  4. I'm an Angry Birds widow!!! That's even worse!!! He used to be really obsessed with some Wii games but then he got me into them so I guess it's nicer now we're just competitive rather than rowing!!!

  5. i too am a widow. a ps3 widow. this is unacceptable! his is plugged into the tv which is downstairs, so in a way, i'm privileged to sleep two floors higher with only the very faint sound of "esta muerto!", "GRENADAAA!", "spare no one", "fight harder, defeat will not be tolerated!", "destroy all enemies", "victory is within our grasp, do not give up"....the list goes on. i go to bed and he crawls in later like a scowled dog. and we leave the topic of his mistress alone. until the following night....

  6. I hear you! My boyfriends x box thankfully has the "ring of death" which basically means its broken..which apparently can be caused by overheating..see where I am going with this?

  7. I have a confession, my husband doesn't have an XBox, Play Station, DS or even games on his phone, it is sadly me that abandons him for hours on end whilst I tweet, blog, Facebook and Formspring the night away! What a bad wife I am, on the plus side, whilst I'm blogging/tweeting etc I'm not nagging him. No wonder he never complains about how much time I spend on here, hmm may just have to have a night off soon just to scare him :) Jude xx @jadlgw

  8. Oh Kellie! He is naughty. I too am an xbox widow. Luckily the xbox is downstairs though. So I get some peace and quiet. We've recently got a tv in the bedroom but I hate it and am thinking about getting rid. The bedroom should be for two things, sleeping and...storing your clothes ;)

  9. I am a PC COD widow! Even my countdown(20 mins, 10 mins, 2 mins, your dinners going cold, its going in the bin) to dinner doesn't seem to work!

  10. Ah I so know the feeling, I lost my Fiance to Street Fighter (Sonic BOOM). I can come home after work when he has been off all day to find not a thing in the house is done and he barely notices I'm in the house. He always seem to turn it on while I'm getting ready to go out and then it's 20 mins of "just one more Game" and almost always ends in an arguement. MEN!!!



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