Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Blackberry FAIL

These have been a traumatic couple of days for me, and many others like me.


Seriously, you iPhone users all smug with your apps and your emails and your messenger functions (oh, no messenger function? My bad) You can't even BEGIN to imagine our pain at the moment.

I think we need a helpline!!!!! We can still dial from our phones can't we? Or a support group!! Can't we set up a support group?

Usually I get the shakes when I enter an area with no 3G connection!!!! To be without my emails, my BBM and my internet is KILLING me slowly.

I feel like I now know what it is like to be Amish (A slight exaggeration? I think not)

I might as well have been stuck in a cave with Edwina Curry for the lack of current information I'm receiving. (She's still in Strictly Come Dancing right?.............Oh FFS) Currently my Blackberry is holding my emails to ransom, reading my texts like a prison guard before deciding whether I should have them or not and has decided that I don't need my BBM at all. (Possibly as a punishment for over-using the smiley function-what can I say, I text like a 13 year old girl-LOL)

If I wanted a phone to just talk on I would've bought a LG phone!!!! Instead I bought a smartphone, not very smart huh?

I rarely actually talk on my phone. I email, I text, BBM, I use my apps. What cruel and unusual punishment is it to actually take it all away from me ALL AT ONCE, not even just one thing at a time!! If it had been gradual then maybe I would have been able to take it. like a frog in slowly warming water I would have just adjusted and dealt with it. instead, ouchie, RIM have just dunked me in a pot of boiling hot water and added some vegetables. It's a technology free soup.

And just as I couldn't take it anymore, it came back. and THEN just as I was sacrificing a small kid (a baby goat, i'm not a psycho) at the alter of Research In Motion to say thank you..


How sick and twisted is that?????????????

Perhaps my lesson learnt here is never to depend upon technology too much. My blackberry wasn't just a phone for me, it had become an extension OF me.

And if I'm honest.........................................................

I think I may be missing it TOO much

Maybe I should go check out some Amish fashion magazines and move to Ohio.

That might work................................................... right?.......................... right?

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I'm not even a heavy duty Blackberry user, I text/call more than I BBM but I do tend to use the internet and Facebook etc. whilst I'm hanging around waiting for trains or need to look up a number. I didn't realise how much I used it until I was without!

    And I agree...why bring it back to take it away? Do you think we'd get anywhere asking for a refund on our Blackberry data package?

  2. i dont have a bb and im pretty thankful, its all about android smartphones :D

  3. "I feel like I now know what it is like to be Amish" - if you never wrote another word you'd be a legend in my book for that sentence alone!

    I tweet off my BB, but only have 1 BBM contact and thats Em which is almost too embarrasing to admit, luckily I have no shame! I am missing being able to check Twitter when I am supposed to be working though, whenever I open it on the PC OH walks in & I have to click away quickly!!

  4. I am seriously dying. I sit staring at my Blackberry and wondering why - WHY - is it not going off???????

    Blondie and I haven't spoken for days. I'm updating my status on BBM even though I know no one can see it. I keep getting caught tweeting at work. Frankly - I'm constantly on the verge of tears.

    Please come back Blackberry!

  5. I love this post. i think you've covered everything all us BB users are feeling!
    I think we're struggling more with everything, because we can still GET on to them.. they're just not working! If we had our absolute shit phone's we'd deal with only being able to text, call and play the occasional game of snake.. But the fact it's still there (Twitter, not updating - hello 16hours ago!) makes us more mad!
    I bought myself a case today for my BB. I don't know if it's to protect it for the future, or just for me to actually throw it around this week if it doesn't fix!

  6. iPhone has iMessenger now. I do not regret ditching the BB for the iPhone one bit. I had a Torch and it was nothing but problems, let alone this is the second big outage in a short time.

    I feel your pain though. I have withdrawal if I can't use everything on my phone.


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