Monday, 17 October 2011

Competition time-Want to win a bracelet from Chain of Daisies?

Ah Monday, you come around so fast.

If like me you are feeling that Monday should only pay a visit once a month (a bit like a period, you dread it coming but are then thankful it's finally arrived) then I have something to try to cheer you up a bit.

I make no secret of the fact I am a lover of accessories. Accessories can make or break an outfit, give you a way to dress up an outfit or just make you feel special  (and you ARE special, you know that right?)

So in conjunction with the fabulous CHAIN OF DAISIES I have a giveaway of this beautiful bracelet

Gorgeous right?

The Swallows Tale bracelet is just one of the beautiful pieces available from Chain of Daisies and to be in with a chance to win this bracelet all you have to do is this.

Firstly be a follower of this blog

secondly go and follow @Chainofdaisies on Twitter

and then go and have a look on the Chain of Daisies website here 


and tell me what is your favourite accessory from Chain of Daisies.

This is mine at the moment, I make no secret of my love of all things Dragonfly and this is the prettiest Dragonfly necklace I've seen.

The competition will close at 5pm on Friday evening and is open to UK followers only.

So what is YOUR favourite piece.

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Ooh I love a competition me. Though I'd very much love to win the swallow bracelet, my favourite peice on the website is this simply beautiful x

  2. i think my favourite is either the eternity necklace or you and me neckalce :D

  3. I love the dragon bracelet unusual but so pretty :) Jude xx

  4. Everything is so beautiful! But if I had to pick one? I think it would be the Sundays Nest Necklace, I just lave bows!
    Great competition! Thank you!
    Jo x

  5. Well that was poorly spelled! I hope you get the idea haha!! xxx

  6. What a lovely bracelet, and the piece I like best from the website is the You and Me Necklace.

    I follow on GFC as Ms Red and I followed Chain of Daisies on Twitter as @redsbeautyblog


  7. Oooh, me likey the snippity snip bracelet! Embrace the craftiness and buy jewelry seems like a motto to live by.

  8. Ahh what beautiful jewellery! I think the 'you and me' necklace has to be my favourite - it's going on my Christmas list!

  9. Even if I dont win this I am so pleased to have been introduced to the chain of daisies website, love it. My favourites are either the dragonfly necklace or the flutter butterfly necklace. Sorry, cant decide!
    Got some more things added to my 'want to buy'list now though

  10. I'd never known the company before you mentioned it and i think it's marvelous! absolutely in love with their earrings, especially their Vivien earrings.

    Great giveaway hun!

  11. oh this jewellery is so pretty! i absolutely love this swallow necklace the yellow daisy detail is such a nice touch!

    Rosie xoxo

  12. my favourite piece is the cream rosalie earrings
    from the luxe collection <3

    I am a follower on twitter Miss_Jenx
    and I am a follower of this blog jen

    thank you!!

  13. I love the Brown Twit twoo hair pin pair. so cute ane very reasonable.I have a thing about owls

  14. What a lovely giveaway! I follow on GFC as .x. Sarah .x. and following on twitter as @sarahlou88xoxo

    The golden herald necklace is just stunning! All of their pieces are so pretty :) xx

  15. Love the herald necklace (DragonFly is beautiful too!) follow of GFC as @cake17uk and following on Twitter as @cake17uk

  16. I can do any thing in the competition to win those smart things... They are really gorgeous.... I want both of them for someone special in my life......

    Designer Jewellery

  17. What a awesome collection you have. Everyone loves competitions, especially in jewelery. Nice post and I love your idea. Thanks and keep sharing.

  18. Thanks for the giveaway and for introducing me to Chain of Daisies. It's hard to chose a favourite but I think the Golden Phoenix Bracelet is lovely :)
    I follow you via GFC as Laura and follow chainofdaisies on twitter as @angrypiglet x x

  19. I LOVE the owl necklace that's on the home page but it's not listed on the shop, noooo! As I love birdies of all kinds, my favourite piece actually is the Swallows Tale bracelet! Or any of the other birdy-related bits... Xx

  20. Following your blog already
    Following Chain of Daisies on Twitter
    I love the "Secret Garden" bracelet on the website but have to agree with you that the Dragonfly necklace is fab!!


  21. Ooh, I looked at the site when you posted this and forgot to enter. I like loads of their bits and pieces but today I am particularly taken with the jet acorn earrings. Obviously in a squirrelly kind of mood.

    I follow your blog by GFC and yours and Chain of Daisies Twitter as @FHCShopping.

    Fingers crossed!

  22. Hmm.. I like the Red Blossoming necklace but I think if I HAD to choose one I'd choose the rather elegant Elise necklace! :)

    Following and following! (Obviously). @betwixtbeauty


  23. Oooh great competition! Would never have known of Chain Of Daisies without you so thankyou hun :) My favorite piece has to be the sterling butterfly necklace...absolutely adorable. The whole site is amazing...such great pieces
    Followed on here and Twitter @MissDanniBx


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