Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Daddy's little girl

Do we ever grow out of ever being daddy's little girl?

I have an eleven year old daughter and poor Mr Fashionista is getting so stressed that if he had any hair..... it would probably fall out.

If he thought it was at all possible, I swear he would be applying for a shotgun licence right now to keep the mean boys away.

He is even starting to identify with Rapunzels father and is pricing up really tall towers as we speak. (Is there REALLY a buyatower.com?)

It is hard for dads when their little girls start to grow up isn't it? They want to protect their little girls in a way that is completely different from mums. I think that as mums we want our children to grow up, experience life and love and be with them every step of the way. Through the tears (the stand up rows) and the unrequited love, we WANT our girls to experience the highs and the lows. We may be there with the tissues (and the "I told you so's") we may want to hear all the details (ok, not quite all of them) but I think we as mums know that a little bit of pain and heartbreak isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Daddies? .....................................

erm, not so much.

Someone hurting their little girl or breaking their heart?

Not on daddys watch.

No-one upsets their little girl. Whether they are 7, 17, 37 or 57 you never stop being a little girl in your fathers eyes and your daddy will always protect you.

I'm sure it isn't easy being a daddy. All that growling at boys must be exhausting. Even "friends that are boys" don't escape the daddy stare or the suspicious looks. And if you are seriously unlucky, the little "friendly chat" that dads have with the boy that dares to look at their daughter with lust in their eyes can cause fear so deep, they won't call (hell some cowards won't even make eye contact again)

And is a daddy ever sorry?

Nope, because that is a daddy's job.

So hug your daddy, bless him it is hard for him. All these protective feelings are confusing for him too. Maybe sometimes he goes too far, but he doesn't mean it.

Just try not to mention the name of that boy you like in front of him ok?

Are you a daddy's little girl?

What has your daddy done to protect you?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. sadly i was a daddy's girl... and he taught me my hardest lesson, people always let you down, noone sticks around forever... trust noone. so i suppose he did the worst and best thing for me (depends which day you catch me on) :S


  2. When I was young my Dad was never around because he was a long distance truck driver and only be home at the weekends. We were not that close but as we've gotten older we have gotten closer and I appreciate how nice it is to have a Dad who loves me because for a long time I thought he didnt care about me. I think theres something really special about the relationship you have with a parent as an adult where the balance of power has shifted and you are equals! I really enjoy my Dad's company now but I don't think I'm a daddy's girl!

  3. Im a mummys girl, mostly because my father person did a runner.

    Ms Red

    Cant seem to comment under my GFC :/

  4. What about when your dad is the one causing the pain. Who protects you then

  5. Unfortunately I was a daddy's girl up until 15 and I doted on my dad, however - things happened and now we are estranged so I can safely say that I am no longer a daddy's girl.

    Having said that - I am a stepdaddy's girl now :) I think stepdaddies need a lot more love especially if they are as great as my one who has taken on three kids like we're his own.


  6. Adore my dad but didn't get much time with him when I was little as I had an evil jealous step mum that didn't let me near him. Not his fault he can't stand up to her I guess. Still love him though x

  7. I sent the link to this post to my own mum and dad this evening, I think I can honestly say both my mum and dad are the two most important people in my life regardless of fuck ups on both our parts. 

    I'll never forget my first summer at uni, I got monumentally lost headig home o south Wales and ended up in a service station in Manchester with no sat nav and no idea where I actually was. Despite the rain and the fact he'd just finished a 12 hr day he rode his motorbike north and found me so I could follow him back, filling up my petrol twice on the way. 

    When my bf broke up with me and I was left with nowhere to live my dad made sure I had the nicest flat with the prettiest cups, cutlery sets. He gives me an allowance every month and doesn't raise eyebrows when I go home with a new Wang handbag. Sorry for the essay this touched a nerve, a happy nerve :) lovely post xxx

  8. You know, I was never a daddy's girl. My mother maintains that I was, roughly between the ages of 1-8 months but after that ... I don't ever really recall any special bond between us. In fact, after my brother's birth, he outright proclaimed him to be the favorite because he was a boy.
    When I started liking boys... my father never gave them talks or intimidating looks. He never did any of this protecting business. My feelings were hurt because a boy broke my heart? That's my fault for liking him.
    Even now, he says that my brother is his favorite, who he'll be relying on when he's older to take care of him.
    I think any 'daddy's girl' sentiments wore off early on. You know, as soon as I starting being more of a girl and less of a squishy baby with indistinguishable features.

  9. I'm a daddy's girl. He has threatened every boyfriend I've ever had with the same spoon (he tells them to get familiar with it because if they hurt me, they'll be using it to dig their own grave), and since my mum passed when I was 21 he has taken me through everything you face as a young woman growing into an um, 31 year old woman. I love the ginger whinger bless him :)

    J x


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