Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween Safety

So it is that one day of the year where common sense goes out of the window and some parents positively encourage their children to take sweets from strangers!

Go figure that one out.

Each year my doorbell rings and strange children stand at my door asking for sweeties!!!

Most of them knock without adults. Now personally this scares me more than my reflection in the mirror sans make-up.

I consider myself to be (almost) normal, but what if I was completly insane and liked stealing children?  (I really don't, most of the time I don't want my own)

I love Halloween, I dress up, I get involved, there is always sweeties enough for anyone who knocks but PLEASE, If your child is old enough to Trick or Treat, make sure a responsible adult goes with them.

Plus if you go, you are entitled to a cut of the goodies.

Thems the rules.

Have fun, and stay safe x x x

Big Fashionista


  1. We don't do halloween. I stick a note on my door saying I've got small children asleep, and rarely get bothered. There's something a bit sinister about begging for sweets from strangers, and as you say, its a minefield for weirdos to get their kicks!

    Carol singing teenagers who sing one line of 'we wish you a merry Christmas' are just as bad!


  2. again i completely agree, you talk so much sense. in my area i never seem to get cute looking children i just get groups of 17 year old boys... no thanks bugger off :S

  3. We do it each year on our road but only to the houses who participate. Those that don't have a poster in the window supplied by the residents association. All the groups of children are accompanied by thankful parents who stand at the end of the driveways to make sure their children are safe and have said their pleases and thank you's and are not grabbing handfuls of sweets! It works well but I still hate it!


  4. I have never done Halloween - I think that when my kids were of the age some 10 or so years ago it wasn't so much of a thing as it is now. I do agree that there is something a bit a*se about face over the message here. Good post K thankyou. x


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