Monday, 24 October 2011

Jaws of death

So over the weekend it has been all over the tabloids once again that a shark has killed someone who was swimming in water!!!

Am I the only one not at all shocked here?

If I decided to go for a walk in a LION reserve, would there be anyone wailing at my graveside, consoling my husband Gary Barlow saying, I KNOW!!! Eaten by lions, what a surprise!!!!!

Of course not (although half of my friends would probably be in the adjoining graves, "A trip through a lion reserve????? Will there be wine? Count me in)

But yet people are still surprised and horrified when they get love bites from a shark.

In the water

Where sharks live.

Bastard sharks, how dare they?

Let's go hunt down and kill every shark in the area that may or may not have done what comes naturally to sharks.

Who is in the wrong here?

If a shark came bowling into your house in the middle of the night, fully tooled up with its pearly whites you would feel fully justified in making shark fin soup out of it (and maybe some boots and a cute toothy necklace perhaps)

and you aren't even hungry.

People wander into an area where they know there are sharks and then get pissed off they get eaten.

Stupid people.

I'm bored of it all now.

If you go in the water and get your legs bitten off by a shark.....................................

Don't come running to me for sympathy.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. It must be frustrating for the sharks to have constant trespassers into their home.

    It's like when people on certain TV shows say "this snake is really dangerous" and then proceed to poke it with a stick, they're asking to be bitten!


  2. The thing Is that sharks are actually very unlikely to eat humans in normal circumstances. But sick, injured sharks can and will and then that's when they carry out multiple attacks and need to be destroyed. Normal sharks will ignore humans for the most part and go about their business. If folks ignore warnings of volatile sharks then they're asking for trouble.

  3. Have to agree with you Kellie, I was reading all about it on the BBC news website this morning, and it's the first thing I discussed with my OH, on the absurdity of the hunt for the shark.

    Firstly, how do you actually determine what shark did it, unless you catch it, open up his stomach and check for proof. Secondly, doing this looks like a silly revenge, when, as you state, is humans invading the shark's world, the ocean, is their home, and we, lets face it, are just tasty lumps of meat.

    As you say, people living near lions and other predators, don't go for a picnic where the lions tend to hang out, do they?

    The sad thing, apart from the loss of human lives of course, is the fact that some sectors of society will call for some sort of cull, which is ridiculous, unjustified and proof that us humans are probably the most selfish and arrogant species on Earth.

    Sorry about the rant ;) xxxx

  4. completely agree, people are idiots :D

  5. TOTALLY agree, I felt completely the same when that polar bear ate that student - I was more sorry that the bear was killed as it was only doing what came natural to it in its own habitat. Nobody forces people to go into the habitats of these animals, yet everybody is very quick to blame the animal when something like this happens.


  6. Another one in agreement here, been defending certain breeds of dogs for years too - I don't know when us big-ego-ed humans got the idea that we're the boss of everything, but things like this remind us that we can't actually control other species. No sympathy for people who mess with animals and then complain when they react.

    Congrats on the marriage by the way, Gary Barlow, eh? Nice work :)


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