Saturday, 29 October 2011

Mothers at BNTM Live. You have been warned

So yesterday I attended Britains Next Top Model Live at the Excel centre.

Pass me the wine because a day later I am still trying to recover.

I took my eleven year old daughter with me, Why you ask? Because she doesn't already spend enough of my money and I thought I'd give her an opportunity to bleed me dry. (What can I say, I'm a legend)

What I DIDN'T take her for is to be "DISCOVERED"

Which is what a LOT of mothers seemed to do.

Nine year old girls in heels higher than mine, more make up than me and quite honestly, better applied than mine (biatches)

and they were everywhere, being not so gently propelled by pushy mothers towards the casting stage, the model scouts and all the photography booths in the building.

You could almost smell the desperation oozing from the mothers pores, (Or was that Tulisa's new fragrance?) They want their daughters to be the next big thing.

So obviously the way to do that is to dress them as mini-whores and slap more make-up on them than at a Katie Price drag queen convention!!!

and I'm not being funny but some of these girls were dog ugly!!!!
(I jest, I jest)

I actually had to leave after three hours because I was concerned I would start cornering small children and wet wiping them (apparently that is frowned upon) Either that or have some strong words with some mothers who are obviously trying to reclaim their youth through their daughters.

I walked around with a permanent sneer on my face. I was Judgedy McJudge from the clan McJudgey. I have NO time for the women who do this. Over-sexualisation of pre-teens is bad enough without the very women who are meant to protect these children making it WORSE.

Mothers, you want your daughter to be discovered as a model?

take a photo, send it to a reputable agency and then let it be.

Stop living your dreams through your children. Or next time I go to one of these events I WILL take wet-wipes AND A MIRROR, and I will force you to take a good long look at yourself.

You have been warned.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. That literally sounds like my idea of hell.

    When I was a young teenager, I was always annoyed with my mother for not letting me wear makeup, get my ears pierced, wear slutty clothes etc. but now I'm older and wiser I'm so glad she put her foot down about it.

    Pre-teen girls dressed like they've just stepped off the set of TOWIE make me so sad.

  2. I hate 'mothers' who do that to their children and will always be grateful my mother let me have my childhood

  3. I remember when I was a pre-teen begging my mum to let me have a pair of heeled shoes, but having spent the last summer almost literally laughing at 9-year-old girls "attempting" to stagger around on far too high heels, I am so glad that my mum wouldn't let me!!

    As Ms Red said, I am so appreciative that my mum allowed me to have a childhood. Childhood is over so quickly as it is!

  4. I couldn't agree more! I hate seeing pre-teens dressed like 25 year old strippers, why are some mothers so prepared to propel their children into adulthood? If a child wants to be a model, fair enough there are less pushy ways to get scouted, but surely child models should look like children anyway?


  5. That series on Living (Pushy and Proud) make me sooooo cross!
    Emmy (my 5 year old) was scouted when we were in London when she was 3. Reputable agency but my gut told me know. People say 'ooh she will make you money' and she is tall, slim and beautiful, but its her choice to make when she is older.

  6. I keep urging my daughter to go to The Clothes Show Live so that she can be discovered and keep me in sheepskin insoles well into my old age - at 15 and 5'9" with legs up to her armpits (jealous moi?) it could well happen - except for one thing...she has no more interest in it than I have in changing the oil in my car. But I can remember being 9 (back in 1911) and being bought a pair of modest heels and absolutely loving them...perhaps my daughter isn't mine? xx

  7. Oh my gosh I noticed that today as well! At first I thought it was just me, then noticed the girl in front of me wearing heels higher than mine & a top that...well...*raises eyebrow* She couldn't have been a day over 10! :-/ hmmmmm.

    Love Aysh xoxo

  8. This kind of thing makes me SO MAD! i'm not a mother yet, but I feel so strongly about kids not getting as much out of their childhood as they should because they are being pushed to do things they dont want to, and growing up too quickly! SO many high street shops are selling padded or 'sexy' style bras for kids under 12. WHY is it necessary... and jogging bottoms with 'cute' and 'sexy' written on the bum. JUST NO!
    I love how you are so honest (but funny) with your posts!
    Belle du Brighton

  9. Bleeuch. Much as I've been enjoying Models, misfits and Mayhem on ITV2 (classy) I can't think of anything worse than actually HAVING to model for a living (good thing really, no one is beating down my door). Those mothers are probably the same ones who would buy leopard print babi-kinis for their infant daughters.

  10. completely agree, i hate things like this and 90% of the time the 15 year olds would look miles better with a fresh face and jeans and a t-shirt, maybe im just not "cool" enough :S

  11. That is quite scary, children should be allowed to be children. A model's life is difficult if you get selected. There will be plenty enough time for these women's daughters to wrestle with life when they are older. Why do these mothers do this? Are they that consumed by the hint of possible celebrity, by possible scent of a glamourous life? For most models that doesn't happen.

    We work with models for our online clothing store and make no mistake modelling is very hard work, girls get treated poorly and they work long hours in crazy conditions when on a shoot. You try having to pose between 200 & 300 times in a session and smile each time like it is your first smile of the day. It's 5% glamour, 95% hard graft.

    And that's before they consider their weight which they will get constantly reminded about. We use plus size models for our collections and they are wonderful women, very professional "regular" people, we love working with them and I'm sure they are happy that they don't have to be worried about remaining uber skinny just so they can get jobs.

    Then there is rejection, the endless casting calls and being told you aren't right for what they want.

    Mother's do you really want that sort of life for your young daughters?

    I'll get off my high horse now. I should do my own blog post about this!


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