Thursday, 6 October 2011

No offence but........................................

Ah those three little words, you know the ones, the ones that make you instantly tense  up and you just know what is coming next.

No, not those ones.

The really offensive ones.

No offence but.........................

Why is it that those three words are usually followed by the most offensive crap anyone could ever say to you.

No offence but, your backside looks like two elephants fighting in a sack in those trousers.........


No offence but, that haircut and colour makes you look like a ninety year old woman, with incontinence issues.


All said with a huge smile because they pulled the "no offence" card.

How can you possibly be offended. They said no offence but...... it MUST be ok-mustn't it?

The same goes for "I don't mean to be rude but......................."

(oh you are darlin' I'd lay money on it)

People seem to treat the words like a Get Out of Jail Free card. and if you dare to pull them on it, they usually pull out a guilt trip "Well, I did say no offence"

Any time you feel like saying "No offence but"........................ Check your bad self before you wreck yourself-because chances are, something so offensive is going to come out of your mouth that if you say it to the wrong person (me) you will be picking up your teeth with tweezers.

No offence.


Anyone said those words to you? Tell me what they said.

Or how do you deal with it?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. The words that get me red in the face are "Really because..."
    Like if I said that companies almost never would directly pay someone out for a work related injury because that's what insurance was for and the response was...Really because when I worked for "insert company" they paid this one guy who hurt himself...
    OK, so said company was a tiny independant business and they probably didn't want their insurance to go up but in the general lay of the land it's almost unheard of....
    Sorry for the novel but "Really because..." makes me want to crack skulls because everyone knows there is always an exception.

  2. The one that really makes me want to smash things is 'I'm not being funny but...' No, you're right you're not funny. No one is laughing! Or someone I work with likes to constantly say 'I'm not being horrible but...' Gah! The very fact you have to state that means what you're about to say is probably 'funny' (read idiotic) or 'horrible'. So no offence, but this post really got me wound up too! :)

  3. completely agree with this it drives me bonkers... or "i wouldnt wear it, but you pull off trashy quite well"... trashy can be replaced for any offensive word... drives me bonkers... keep your insults to yourself thanks :D x

  4. "No offense, but you're carrying a little extra weight than the last time I saw you" How could that not offend? I pretend I'm not bothered by it but I usually am, drive home in tears. I would never dream of saying that to anyone, some people are just so blunt. I'll email you the bitchs address, sort her out for us!? lol xx

  5. Ah, yeah. I hate this. "No offence, but I'm going to throw a shitload of abuse at you, but it's okay, because I warned you." Feck off!

    Also, "Don't take this the wrong way, but" - but there's only one effing way you CAN take being told that your hair doesn't suit you or your shoes are rotten or the dinner you just cooked isn't to someone's liking. I don't know how some people think they have the authority to do that! I particularly love the thinly veiled ones that you get online, that are pretending to be sweet - like "Hey BBZ no offence but I preferred ur last avatar, you looked soooo much prettier & thinner in it xxxxxx" - I'd much prefer to get a message saying "Oi, your new Avi's shit, you should change it back" Or maybe that's just moi. :)

  6. "No offense but that top does nothing for you!" Ergh!

    Another annoying one is "I love him/her to bits but...."

    Great post couldn't agree with it more!


  7. I agree! People just don't realise how hurtful their words can be. I had 'no offense, but you're much more fun when you're drunk'... this was some years ago, in less confident times, and caused some huge feelings of self doubt and apprehension. Now? Now, I'd say no offense but I can only stand to be in your company when I've had a few....'

  8. Stef aka @PrincessofVP6 October 2011 at 20:14

    One day I will punch someone for saying "With all due respect..."
    As this is often used by politicians, solicitors, etc etc I will rely on BigFashionista & her bat to come & get me out of trouble!


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