Friday, 28 October 2011

Nom or Vom

So I didn't win the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards, so there is only one thing that will cheer me up this Friday,

Nom or Vom (and a shitload of alcohol)

Now because you lot are so bloody difficult to please I thought I would do something different this week.

This one is one I like. so no whinging that he is a vom because I will stick my fingers in my ears and go na na na na na. (or possibly sing, and NO-ONE wants that-trust me)

Ladies and gentlemen

I give you


(anyone else imagining he is beckoning them into his bed?? Just me then)

So there you go, Michael Buble, unfortunately it was impossible to find a naked pic of him. but I live in hope.

(if you find one, feel free to email me it, I do need a new screensaver and a naked MB would be luvverly)

So what do we think?

Nom or Vom?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Awww well it ws fun being nominated eh Kellie? Glad to have met you and yes a def NOM!! Actually there is one of him naked when he was snapped cheating with a prozzie but that picture is no longer available! He's not bad! I would! LOL! Thanks for this! xx

  2. Such a shame that you didn't win (though congrats to those who did). It's a massively huge deal that you were nominated and we were all rooting for you!
    I'm afraid it's a no from me regarding Mr Buble. He's all yours x

  3. Awwww that's a shame about the awards :( I love your style of writing and you always make me laugh!!

    I have to say that Mr Buble is deffo a huge NOM! In my books!! When he songs I melt haha

    P.S the second piccy down is now my new screen saver <3 but it's so hard to decide, I might make them all it!

  4. He is a def NOM NOM NOM!!!!!!! Hello Michael!!!!! hehe, fab choice!!!xxx

  5. Nom... I would fight you to the deat for a bit of MB i think it is his lovely voice as well, he sounds so husky when he speaks, he was great on Jonathan Ross a few weeks ago :D

  6. being nominated was such a big thing though, you should be way proud! and hes a nom alright!x

  7. Definitely Nom. In my mind he's already gay so you may aswell forget him... :)

  8. Nom with a cherry on top! My boyf actually looks a bit like him, his family call him Buble! I am a lucky girl :)

  9. NOM.


    Definitely NOM.

    It may not be all there in the face or the body, but the VOICE. It's like a combination of chocolate and sex.

    Yes please.

  10. NOM. NOM. NOM. Come to Mama, Mr Buble..

  11. Nom nom nom nom! Love a bit of Buble! x

  12. Dear God, what's wrong with the world? He's vom vommy vom vom vommy vommy vom. *shudders*

  13. So very vom. anyone who tried to pronounce his surname the way Hyacinth Bucket does deserves removal from this earth. Sorry x

  14. Nom or vom depends on the picture of Michael for me. For example, picture 1 = nom nom nom, picture 3 looks like he has just smelled a fart = vom vom vom. Something to do with his brows I think x

  15. Whole lotta NOM!

    He's witty, charming, ridey - have to admit he's not stunning but the personality & the voice more than makes up for it.

    I say that like I know him, he's prob a douche in real life. I live in hope that he's not x

  16. NOM NOM NOM! Buble is fit as!

  17. Very much NOM!!!!!! I worship the man. Met him on my 21st 7 years ago when he was just starting out really. Managed to get a peck off him. Best Day ever!!!!


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