Monday, 3 October 2011

Remakes & Do-overs

I'm all for a do-over (in fact, right now, if I could take one, I really really would) but when it comes to films there are times when a do-over is not acceptable.

What is with all the remakes at the moment anyway?

I can accept Footloose, I can just about accept Dirty Dancing (although those are some damn big shoes to fill) Point Break? it feels like it was only recently I sat and watched it in the cinema (1991 in case you are interested-and first person to comment they weren't even born in 1991 gets a slap) I'm pissed about Highlander because honestly that is my favourite film EVER.

BUT............................. Whoever had the brainy idea to remake SCARFACE needs to sit down and have a good hard chat with themselves, preferably while smacking themselves around the face with a cricket bat.

They obviously never took the main lesson from Scarface "Never get high on your own supply" because whatever they are smoking they need to stop. (or at least cut down)

Remaking Scarface is like remaking the Bible. It is an untouchable classic, and SOME-ONE is heading straight for hell.

And who will they get to play Tony Montana?

Can't imagine anyone but the great Al Pacino saying "Say hello to my little friend" Can you?

When you start messing around with films where do you stop? What happens next? Remaking books? Can you imagine an updated version of The Catcher In The Rye?

Or an updated politically correct version of The Hungry Caterpillar?

The obviously secret bulimic caterpillar who has issues with the changes happening with his body. (Catchy huh?)

Poor caterpillar, first bit of cake he ate he was whisked off to a therapist, given a healthy eating plan and told that exercise was the key while the therapist looked accusingly at the parents and considered calling in social services.

Poor hungry caterpillar, he ends up in foster care with two stag beetles while waiting for a forever family to love him just the way he is.

What else will be remade in the future? Will someone take a look at blogs and decide to remake them? (If anyone wants to do-over some of my old ones I'd be grateful-CRINGE)

Or some soap operas? New actors, same storylines. (They do it with individual characters, why not just wipe the whole cast of Hollyoaks and do it all over)

Are they going to start rewriting our HISTORY books?


Steps down from soapbox and breathes a bit.

Some other remakes in the pipeline include, Child's Play, Judge Dredd, The Lone Ranger, A Star Is Born, Total Recall, The Crow, The Evil Dead and Godzilla!!!!!

Personally I think a couple of those films shouldn't have been made the first time around, let alone deserve a remake.

What do you think about the current trend for remakes? Is it all about saving a dollar?

Do you agree with me about Scarface? And who do you think would do the character of Tony Montana justice?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. i hate remakes, it is just hollywoods way of cashing in on fans who will want to watch anything to do with xyz... grrr :S

  2. Not a fan of remakes at all! Originals will always have a place n my heart (as cheesy as it sounds)! And as for this Footloose one.. Oh dear god!! The trailer looks absolutely (inserttermhere)so don't think i'm going to bother seeing that :s xx

  3. I hate remakes, I refuse to watch any of them! I'm also a bit funny about books I love being made into films, I loved the book 'One Day' and the characters in my head were way different to the ones they picked for the film so I didn't watch it. No to remakes! And don't get me started on Footloose or Dirty Dancing - Kevin Bacon and Patrick Swayze can not be replaced! xx

  4. I'm against all remakes! They're never as good-don't touch Dirty Dancing and don't you DARE touch Point Break, filmmakers!! I love them just the way they are! Did enjoy watching a remastered Jurassic Park in the cinema last week-epic as ever!
    Love Amie XO

  5. Fab post. But can I be a proper geek and point out that Scarface itself was an actual remake of a Howard Hawks gangland drama. I think remakes do have a place in cinema if done well and bring a story to the masses that many will not have seen. Some of my favourite films are in fact remakes from Cape Fear and The Departed, to A Fist Full Of Dollars and Oceans 11.

    However Scarface is what it is because of Al Pacino and it wouldn't be right to remake. Similarly Total Recall, OMG, I don't care who they cast or who directs, you will never come close to the original Arnie classic!!!

  6. Hm, most times I would agree that remakes *tend* to appear a lazy way of making a new film - throw more money and famous actors at it, and the love and familiarity that the original has built up will guarantee audiences even if it's out of curiosity or outrage.

    I've recently had a bit of an ill-thought out Amazon splurge on older films that I remember being absolutely LIKE, AWESOME, when I was young, most notably:

    * The Warriors
    * Beat Street
    * Flashdance
    * Risky Business
    * Weird Science

    Utter shite, every single one of them. Somebody remake these please… but be warned, touch St Elmos Fire or the Breakfast Club and I'll come after you with a pitchfork.

  7. Ah thanks for all your comments guys.

    I never knew Scarface was a remake!


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