Thursday, 13 October 2011

Shrek The Musical-Review

If you want belly laughs, if you like to go ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and if you like your theatre going experience to include talking donkeys and Nigel Harman crawling around on his knees (yeah baby)  then you need to go to see Shrek The Musical at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.

Myself, Mr Fashionista and two mini Fashionistas went to watch Shrek The Musical last night and we LOVED it.

Based loosely on the film, the show brings a whole new dimension to Shrek and gives more of a back story which honestly is quite sad. (That's where you go ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) The songs are toe-tappingly good and you find yourself being drawn into the world of Shrek & Co so easily that I found myself slipping on a pair of Shrek ears (much to the dismay of the mini fashionistas) and dancing along in my seat (A couple of years of therapy and they will be right as rain)

The level of acting in the show is superb, Nigel Harman is hysterical as Lord Farquaad and never has a better baddie strutted on a stage, I loved that some of his jokes went straight over the childrens heads and were aimed at the adults, Nigel Lindsay played an excellent Shrek and was very true to the film character. Unfortunately Richard Blackwood who I had heard is amazing as Donkey was off the night we visited but his understudy Delroy Atkinson was brilliant and slotted in as though he played the character constantly, Kimberley Walsh of Girls Aloud fame, although I had issues with her accent was refreshing and surprisingly good.

My favourite character was the Dragon, a show stopping piece of theatrical puppetry that was hypnotic and breathtaking to watch.

Is it a family show? Yes it is. Can you go without dragging random children with you just to make it look better? Yes you definitely can.

This show appeals to everyone, there are some jokes that (hopefully) went over my childrens heads, the music is brilliant and there is nothing cheesy about Shrek. The burping and farting song had everyone laughing, even the grumpy old man in front of us.

If you are thinking about taking in a show then my recommendation of the moment is definitely this.

Shrek The Musical

He may be green but it's a sight to be seen.

Shrek ears are optional.

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. We went in the summer and loved it and yes the dragons eye lashes are to die for, fantastic to see her swooping around plenty of humour for everyone loved it jx

  2. I was lucky enough to look after Nigel when he came on my show to talk about Shrek, and aside from totally falling in love with him, he looked like an absolute show-stealer in Shrek! Can't WAIT to see it! CTS x


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