Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Sunglasses are for life, not just for summer.

So you all know that sunglasses are not just for summer right?

The summer may be over but coming to a sky near you we have some perfect crisp autumnal weather.

I love Autumn, it rocks. I was BUILT for autumn and with the sun a lot lower in the sky I always end up adding my sunglasses to any outfit. (even if the other accessories include a scarf)

Now in the past I have never been a snob about sunglasses, I am as happy in Primark sunnies as I am in Prada but when contacted me and offered to send me a pair of their polarized glasses to try, I never realised that they would be ruining me for all other glasses.

They are fab. there is no glare, absolutely none. which is superb for the low autumnal sun, especially when driving. Their glasses also offer 100% UV400 protection which is superb for eye safety and the glasses that the company  offer are not only practical but highly fashionable.

Want to see how I wear mine?

(my too cool for skool face)

These are the 1970's Donna from the Heritage collection and retail at £69.99 and are completely worth every penny.

Polaroid Sunglasses have a style to suit everyone but when I saw these ones they just screamed "me" (obviously they didn't really scream, that would be weird) I am a sucker for a pair of over-sized sunnies and although the blue of the frame is something that usually I wouldn't go for. It just works with most outfits.

                                                      (Testing out the anti-glare)

(Leaning against the fence, looking cool. as you do when you are rocking some fabulous glasses)


So don't think that because summer is over you have no need for sunglasses, in fact if you drive I would highly recommend checking out for a great pair of glasses that are not only going to look great but will cut the glare of the lower sun while you drive.

Even if you don't drive I recommend trying out a pair of polarized glasses. The difference is amazing. (throws away Primark sunglasses forever)

Do you wear Polarized lenses? Have you been converted like me?

Go check out for their huge range of glasses and let me know which ones are your favourite, they even sell 3D glasses you know.

Do you wear your sunglasses all year round?

And tell me, what do you think of mine? :-D

Big Fashionista x x


  1. i wear sunglasses pretty often, i have to have prescription ones though which means i can never do cheap sunglasses booo im a sucker for big, oversized, taking over my whole face kind of sunnies :D

  2. I wear sunglasses all year round, even when I lived in Brussels, Belgium, still every day, shades on. I'm a true vampire when it comes to bright light,and love oversized models like the ones you are modelling, pretty, pretty, and adore aviators which suit me best xxx

  3. I wear sunglasses pretty much every day, especially if I'm driving. I like them for DAYlight, not just sunlight.
    And the bigger the better, always. I've got lots, but then I'm an accessories whore.

    Those are very very nice btw!

  4. Wow seriously love these! So me! I am wearing sunnies more and more the older I get. Important to take care of your eyes and the delicate skin around them x

  5. Working In an opticians as I do I've had polarised sunglasses and they are the best imo for sunglasses. And I lOve big frames to keep my sensitive eyes shaded. And tbh the sun is brighter in the winter and lower so I find I need sunnies more.

  6. I normally sport a pair of Oakleys, as I have very sun senstive eyes, But I do like the one you are wearing really nice. I also wear mine all year round.....

  7. I love them! I used to own a pair of vintage Polaroid glasses, until I sat on them. Still very sad aboout it! I used to be a sunnies in the Summer kind of girl until I was introduced to my Ray Bans. Now I can't imagine being parted from them so they will spend the rest of the year on my face X

  8. I don't normally wear sunglasses in the Winter but yours are very cool so I might just have to start now of course. Haven't tried the polarised ones, rather fancy a nice pair of Vintage cats eye ones, them plus a scarf should see me nicely into the cold weather :D


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