Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Well-groomed caveman

When it comes to men and fashion and beauty, how much is too much?

Gone is the time when men used to just wash and go, (Sometimes they wouldn't even wash, they would just go) there is now a huge market for mens grooming products and even make up. I remember a time when Just For Men was seen as a dirty secret, now men can groom to their little hearts content-Bless their little cotton/wool blend designer socks.

But how much is too much?

Who wants a man that takes longer to get ready in the morning than you do (Or looks better than you do-git)

Would you want a man that steals your hair straighteners? (My baldy OH can't even borrow my hair dryer, or brush LOL)

Would you feel uneasy if your man started borrowing your mascara because he liked the way it really opened up his eyes!!!!!!

Are men now starting to feel the same pressure as women to make the best of themselves? Spanx for men? Whatever happened to just breathing in when a "sort" walked past? Or sticking a sock down your pants on a night out?

If you met a man on a night out and then...erm, spilt drink down his clothes and had to go back to his house to get him out of his wet things!!! (nudge nudge, wink wink) how would you feel if you pulled down those sexy tight fighting jeans to discover he was wearing Spanx?

I assume it's like a male equivalent of a Wonder Bra (as in I wonder where those big boobs went)

Men pluck their eyebrows, shave their body hair, wonder whether their bum looks big in their new jeans, they CARE about what they look like. Hell, they moisturise!!! (I rarely do that)

And what do I yearn for?

The smell of sweat, (Obviously not stinky sweat-honest hard working sweat) I want a caveman. No over-grooming for me please. Brush your teeth, shower, spray a little Lynx, a bit of aftershave if you are going "Out, Out" (copyright Mickey Flanagan) and I'm a happy girl.

I'm not one for an over-groomed male-but at the same time I don't want a tramp either. perhaps a tidy caveman would be good?

How about you?

and men, are YOU feeling the pressure?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Its a fine line, my fella is just the right balance. The guy in my latest post http://knightseclectic.blogspot.com/2011/10/just-felt-need-to-share-this.html sadly is cave manned up! Gotta say I do like the smell of a freshly sweaty man, not old B.O though.

  2. My man is still a wash, liberal spray of Lynx and go kinda guy. And he runs a motorbike shop so usually comes home a bit oily...
    Wouldn't have it any other way (though I do wish he'd cut his hair - love the long hair thing but he's be a dead ringer for Ewan Mcgregor if he just dropped the ponytail...)

  3. I'm half and half I guess! I'm fine with eyebrow tidying...I say tidying not plucking a blimming chicken :/ But I do prefer a guy to just wash and go. Don't wanna be waiting around whilst he's finishing off and they have the cheek to say us women take ages *sigh* Someone like Aston Merrygold and I'm happy! xx

  4. im with you on this, i dont go for pretty boys and i would hte someone who cared more about their looks than i do. as long as they are presentable and clean im all for it. i do love a good smelling man, there is something about smell so aftershave type fragrence is good with me :D


  5. When I ask my boyfriend, he tells me that he feels a lot of pressure. I can tell it myself because he's styling his hair longer than I am. ;) X


  6. I like my guy the way he is, caveman style. Pretty pretty over groomed guys do nothing for me at all.

    All though I like clean, neat fingernails.. Mr Red take note!!

  7. Oh I love a big, shaved headed, few tats, clean and smelling nice REAL MAN! I don't get the waxing, plucking, fake tanning type of bloke. I shy away from men with gelled hair. But nice teeth and nails are essential. I tend to go for Forces types...they can look after themselves without going in for the Preen. Yum. Excuse me whilst I dribble....X

  8. I'm with her above! Mine's a shaved headed, short beard, quick spray of aftershave type with a clean shirt. A man through and through.

  9. Sarah...(her above) does your man have a brother going spare?!!!


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