Monday, 10 October 2011

When bad makeovers happen to good people

When I first started my blog, the first thing I decided was that I would never put down anyones style. I am a great believer in individual choice. If you want to wear a swan to an award ceremony-Rock on. If you want to wear vintage Primark, that is completely your choice. I'm not here to judge you (trust me, if you saw what I was wearing today, you would understand)

But holy mother of Versace what did they do to some of the people on The X Factor this weekend?

If you haven't been watching X Factor, good for you. If I could wean myself off of the Simon Cowell crack then I would but just as I thought I had got clean, they threw Gary Barlow into the mix. Instant addiction (Oh Mr Cowell you clever, clever man)

Let's start with Amelia Lily

Now I could have a quick mummy rant about a 16 year old girl with heavy eyeliner and bleached blonde hair giving off a bad impression. but it is HER style, her look. I'm not going to judge her for it. (I may well have sneered at the parents though) BUT let me pull out my Grade A Judgey McJudgey face for what they did to that girl after her makeover.

Pink hair? pink? I have a sock in my wardrobe that exact colour from where I washed it with a bunch of red clothing. The whole makeover seemed half-hearted, and all I can hope is that it was a wash-in, wash out colour, otherwise her Saturday job in McDonalds that she probably hoped never to go back to may be in jeopardy.

While I am on the subject of Amelia Lily, did anyone else feel distinctly uncomfortable seeing her grinding on up her backing dancers on Saturday night? The X Factor promised to stop sexing up the star performances and yet choreographed that performance for her? Go figure.

Another makeover that completely blew my mind on Saturday night was poor Sami.

I'm a size 16/18. I know my shape and apart from a couple of times throughout the auditions where she seemed to have misplaced her bra Sami seems to know how to dress for her shape as well.

Come the live shows? Sami of course is wearing BLACK.

It is as though the stylists all sat around drinking Soya lattes and nibbling on wasabi peas and thought "I don't know how to dress a bigger woman, can't we just put her in Mary Byrnes wardrobe from last year?" "She is bigger than a size 12, of COURSE she wants to wear black, but it is a special  occasion so lets throw on a gold bolero"

Her make up looked as though my 5yr old had gone crazy on her. Although even my five year old would have turned her nose up at the amount of glitter used (badly) and if I ever see any of those women wearing white eyeliner again I will NOT be held responsible for my actions.

All in all a complete makeover fail.

And let's not even start me off on Johnny Robinson? All I will say is that seeing him on Saturday night reminded me to get the turkey out of the freezer for Sunday dinner!

What did you think of the makeovers for X Factor?

Do you agree with me about Sami?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. i dont watch x factor... thank goodness or i think i would just be angry all weekend every weekend hehe :D

  2. That's it, Simon Cowell is coming for YOUUUUUUU

  3. Oh I almost cried when I saw James' hair... and now the poor love is out of the competition and has to live with that hair! Not surprised to see Sami in black at all, am a 16 myself and HEAVEN FORBID we wear anything bright or fashionable. Not impressed with the Xfactor at all this year :( And I don't like the colour of Janet's hair now.

  4. Whilst I think Amelia Lily's bleach blonde, eyeliner, tan look is a she does look pretty in an obvious kind of way. I thought her new look just made her look a bit washed out and alien like, it doesn't seem like her at all.

    I'm bowing out of watching the's just getting more tripey as it goes on.

  5. Xfactor and I are over. I am so disappointed, I was looking forward to it after really enjoying last year but I just cant continue. Gary Barlow is the most insincere bloke ever to grace a tv screen. The makeovers were on the whole catastrophic until it comes to Sami and then it was needlessly cruel. She instantly reminded me of Peter Kay being Geraldine on "Britians got a brand new blah blah" you know the one I mean. They made her look like an ugly bloke in drag, seriously the worst make up I have ever seen on anyone ever (Kitty was a close second but I'm not feeling the love for her so don't really care). Sami's clothes weren't so much to die for as to die in. The make up and styling looks like its been done on a budget of about £10 per contestant this year. And then they sent home Two Shoes.

  6. I agree about Sami - they've made her look like a fool - she has her own style and looked gorgeous during boot camp/judges houses etc - now they've made her look like shes twenty to thirty years older than she actually is! :(


  7. They let Sami down badly, I said to my husband that she looked like she was wearing my nans old dancing jacket!! Big frumpy trousers, baggy black top a a glittery jacket to shuzz it up a bit!! Total style fail! And as for kitty, don't get me started.........

  8. Totally agree with you about Sami, those baggy trousers she was wearing did her no favours, look loads better if they were skinny jeans with a glitzy top, go really disco!

  9. totally agree with you on everything! especially sami, saw a few good tweet summations of her outfit, 'black tent' is one of the ones i remember. the jacket was ok but didnt do anything for her, made her look hunched up and 3 sizes bigger than necessary x


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