Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Black cab conversations? No thanks guv.

I am starting to wonder if perhaps some councils have too much spare cash, too much time on their hands and I am also beginning to have a sneaking suspicion that they are having a secret inter-council christmas competition to see who can come up with the craziest plan to pass as a new rule.

(Loser gets Nick Clegg as a MP)

The current leader in this competition is now Oxford City Council who have decided it would be a hoot to pass a new rule that all black cabs need to have full CCTV and audio in their cabs at all time which will record passengers movements and conversations.

Well that's a bit of a buzz kill isn't it?

Firstly, snogging in a black cab is almost obligitory. That's why they have those large slidey, wipe clean seats isn't it? (Oh the memories) who wants that recorded?

Secondly, I am thinking that Oxford City Council will get bored pretty fast of the following audio comments

"Evening drive, been busy?"

"Morning drive, what time you working till?"

"Roads seem busy today don't they driver?"

"Sorry driver, I've been sick back here" (It had been a heavy night)

I defy you to get in a cab and not ask the driver how busy he has been! It is nigh on impossible, especially in a mini cab where usually a conversation is essential.

Everyone always asks the driver how busy he is. His job is to drive people around for gods sake, would you ask a Lifeguard how wet he got that day?   Would you ask a fireman how hot he got that day? (fans self and makes up own answers in my head that usually involve aforementioned fireman stripping off his clothes and covering himself in melting Nutella)

Sorry, where were we? (Gratuitous? Probably, but hey, my blog, my rules)

Oh yes, recording Black cab conversations. Personally I am against it. I don't feel that it is necessary, it is just another step towards a Big Brother state and more importantly, I have to ask, Why in black cabs? Why have they not put forward the idea of recording people on the bus? Or in a school playground? (Some of those school run mothers could organise a military coup over three wines and 2 viscount biscuits and still be in time to pick up their little darlings)

Perhaps it is just Oxford City Council hope for a higher class of conversation in a black cab?

Stock tips or something? Advice on the best places to dine out in Oxford? Who got a whole in one? There are plenty of students as well so perhaps, who got one in the hole?

I get the feeling that this crazy idea came from a department that is usually kept deep in the bowels of Oxford City Councils town hall. Bless them they don't get out much and are just acting out a bit for attention.

I would lay good money on the fact that they don't even pass this scheme.

What do you think?

Do you think it is a good idea to fit CCTV and audio into black cabs?

OR are you still imagining licking melting nutella off that fireman?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. They do CCTV on the buses that picks up audio as well apparently - a woman at work made a complaint against a bus driver who shouted at her daughter (the latest in a long line of mollycoddling - this girl is nearly 18!) and the video/audio showed a different story to what had been relayed by the daughter.

  2. The cabs here have them after a driver was kicked to death by drunken idiots :(

  3. mmmmmmm nutella......fireman......mmmmm....
    sorry, what was the question?

  4. Understandable concern over the safety of drivers, but there are other ways to help ensure this than constant surveillance.

    In other news, the London black cab app, Hailo, are giving the chance to win £100 worth of free taxi rides, in return for people just liking their Facebook page... check it out, odds are good!


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