Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Burning a hole in my pocket

Yesterday I was in the (very) unusual position of having some cash in my pocket. Real cash, quite a bit of it in fact.

Now it has been a bloody long time since this happened. I think the last time that I had money in my pocket that was mine to just splurge, I bought a ride on a dinosaur. (Disclaimer, I'm not really that old, I just FEEL it)

So I have this paper in my pocket with pictures of the queen on them. This money was quite unexpected and to spend it on bills would just be RUDE wouldn't it?

Well I think so anyway.

So there I was, walking around Lakeside, I had visions of myself walking out several hours later looking like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (Without the prostitution bit obviously) carrying lots of lovely bags that would be choc full of treats.

Several hours later I walk out of Lakeside with the raving bloody hump! Did I buy anything?

Did I hell.

I couldn't even spend my money in Starbucks because the queue was so long. (NOT a happy bunny)

Why is it that when I have money I just can't spend it? I really can't.
It just isn't fair. When I am poor, I see so many products that I want and I just can't afford.

And now I can afford to live a little........................
I can't find anything that I want.

Now there are certain things that I am not allowed to buy as it is so close to christmas and also I have my birthday coming up.

(19th of December, thanks for asking)

But how can I not buy a SINGLE thing? That is just ridiculous. I feel like a failure.

I have the means to single-handedly help boost the economy and I am clinging on to it as desperately as Justin Bieber is his reputation (ooooh topical)

It didn't help that I was banned from spending it on the children. That's usually what happens isn't it? Mum gets some cash, the kiddies get some treats.

It HAS to be spent on me. And my brain just won't let me spend it!!!!!

I am going to have to have hypnotherapy or something to overcome this phobia of spending my own hard earned money.

Am I the only one who does this?

Or is this guilt pretty common?

Let me know

and if you have any ideas of what I can spend my money on, feel free to share

Big Fashionista x x


  1. This isn't a problem I often have, lol, but I know a lot of Mums do feel guilty about spending on themselves. JUST DO IT!!! Go mad & spoil yourself, I guarantee you deserve it.

    Anyhoo, I tend to spend any spare money on skincare (currently use mostly Liz Earle & REN), handbags, bumble&Bumble hair stuff, or if it's clothes, then on good basics that I can wear year round - Next have awesome slim leg jeans, or Lands End for their cotton/modal t-shirts & rain jackets.

  2. I have the same problem, or I think if I had an spare $100 I would so buy that top. When I do have that extra cash that same item is no longer worth the money!

  3. I am in exactly the same position. I have a £50 debenhams voucher that I haven't been able to spend since I got it for my birthday in MARCH! plus I have a similar sum in cold hard cash. And like you, I usually treat the children, house, husband... Shall we go shopping together, I'll buy you something, and you buy me something? Clearly our selfless cores mean that we can only buy for others... Win win Kellie!

    Sam x

  4. Always find if I have money to spend can never find anything that looks, feels or fits right. Can you put it away until the New Year, after your birthday, Christmas etc? Splurge that cash in the dull days in February or New Year sales? And if you still can't find anything to spend it on, massage, nails or a facial? (mind you took me a year to use my Champneys voucher I had years ago!)

  5. Yep I've had vouchers to spend in specific shops before now and it's been impossible. It seems to be the law that when you have money there's nothing in the shops that suits or feels like the treat it's supposed to be. I could of course loose the money on makeup easily!

  6. Oh splurge Kellie splurge. Stop trying to decide if you need the thing you are buying, treat yourself to something you would never normally buy like insanely pampering bath oil or a Chanel nail varnish, go all out luxury. That said in my head I could spend £££ in moments, in reality when I do have some spare cash I want to get the biggest bang for my buck so end up eeking it out on little bits and bobs rather than one great big, disgustingly luxurious purchase! I have £47 on my Boots card & there will be more by January and I am determined to blow it on something fabulous!

  7. I have the same problem, I get overcome with guilt everytime I go out and shop just for myself! I usually end upcoming home with something for the kids or the hubby and still nothing for myself. On the rare occasion I actually do splurge I seem to make sure that there is money leftover so I can treat everyone to a takeaway or the cinema!! What is wrong with me?? HELP!!

  8. I'm the same, but big round of applause for not spending it on the kids, because any time I have spare cash (also a rare occurrence), I end up buying stuff for my son. I say, keep it, and get twice as much in a month's time in the sales!

  9. When I am skint I want to buy everything, when I have money to buy said things they seem to have magically disappeared!

  10. Hmmm Irregular Choice shoes, candles, Kate Summerville goat face cream, tom ford lippie, paul & joe skull motif handbag etc etc

  11. I swear it's always the same: I lust after something when I'm skint, but when I have money it's either sold out or I don't want it anymore argh! Can't win ;)

  12. I recently went on a 'pamper day' at a fabulous spa with my daughter.
    Half the cost was covered with some 'mad money' that appeaared unexpectedly. We would never have considered it otherwise.
    It was absolutely heavenly and a perfect treat.


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