Monday, 21 November 2011

Did anyone die?

I might have to do a quick roll call.

So yesterday I began to blog a post for Monday morning, I got half way through the post and thought "This would make an AMAZING book"

5 hours later, 3,000 words and I have my first three chapters of my book.

What I didn't have was a blog post for Monday!!!!

That shouldn't be a problem, No-one is going to die if I don't post are they? I doubt there are people sprawled at their desks unwilling and unable to move until I actually post something.

So why did I feel so itchy? This morning I haven't even been able to settle into carrying on with my book until I wrote something on my blog.

I write regularly, Monday through to Friday, it is extremely rare that I don't blog during the week. The weekends are my family time where I choose not to blog or usually even open my laptop.

But no blog on a Monday?

I don't think I would be able to get through the day without posting something.

So I need to check,

No-one did actually die did they?

Can I go back to writing the next chapters of my book now?

I'm loving every second of writing it. and hopefully will be able to share some of what I'm writing about with you all very soon.

It isn't what you'd expect me to be writing but I can definitely see a whole book being written.

I'm really excited about it, but definitely won't be forgetting about my blog or you guys x x x x x

Big Fashionista


  1. It sounds fantastic, good on you for writing! It is something so many people probably want to do but never get around to actually doing it. CAn't wait to find out what it is about! x

  2. *checks pulse* Nope, it's okay, I'm still alive :P No need to add me to the potential body count!!

    But seriously, please send me some of that drive and excitement. I'm half way through my 50,000 Word NaNoWriMo Challenge and I think that I official want to kill every single one of my characters!! Oooh, maybe if you don't post tomorrow that would trigger the death of my characters?? Interesting thought ;)

  3. Oooh well done, I need to get into writing mine again, I've just got too much shiz to do until I finish my degree in October.

    But the way I treat blogging is as something I enjoy and do because I enjoy - if "real life" gets in the way then so be it, like you say no-one dies as a result, it's something I do for fun and if it stops being fun.

  4. *waves* I'm still here, I'm the same with blogging very rarely do I blog at the weekend. Oooh keep us post about your book, I would buy it. You're on 666 blog followers! Muuuhahahahaa xx

  5. Alive alive oh.. ,-)

  6. I've been really procrastinating on my book. I feel that since my book is fiction and my blog is about real life, that I should take care of my real life first. There needs to be a way where I could balance both and not be sitting in front of a computer every day and night.


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