Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Poppy Watch

Remembrance Sunday is coming up, a time for us all to remember and be grateful for the sacrifices made on our behalf.

Each year I wear a poppy, brought from The British Legion. I usually purchase a paper one and an enamel one. I always end up losing the paper ones and end up replacing them quite often. A small outlay which I am happy to make.

Thats MY choice.

I don't think companies should ban people from wearing poppies (Yeah I'm looking at you Poundland) But at the same time I don't think that people should be villified for NOT wearing one.

There are a lot of people out there who sit in front of the TV waiting for people to appear without a poppy so they can hold them up to be burnt at the stake.

They rub their hands in glee if they catch a commentator on Match Of The Day or a newsreader sans Poppy. It makes the news, the front page of the tabloids and various internet trolls howl loudly about how they might as well just piss on the Cenotaph with the amount of disrespect they are showing.

I don't know about you but in my opinion wearing a Poppy shouldn't be something forced upon people.

Surely that isn't what out relatives fought for?

No-one should be shamed into wearing a Poppy or wear one out of duty or fear of reprisals from tabloid newspapers. (I'm looking at you Daily Mail)

People should wear them out of pride and so that we never forget. To show our love and support for those that fought or lost their lives.

Some people wear poppies on their jackets, some people have poppies in their hearts, it is like religion. You don't HAVE to wear a crucifix to believe in god and you don't HAVE to wear a poppy to show your respect for those who have laid down their lives.

I know that my grandfather wouldn't have wanted me to wear a poppy out of duty.

He would have wanted me to wear it out of choice.

Because isn't that part of what they fought for?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Lovely post. I also wear my poppy every year and I wear it with pride but I would never judge anyone who didn't wear a poppy, like you said not everyone wears their poppy on their jacket. I definitely think it is about choice and we should respect the choices that people make :) Jude xx @jadlgw

  2. i always end up with a few poppies, like you i lose them or they fall apart. i like to wear a poppy, it reminds me to be thankful and at least i feel like i am contributing in a small way. on a side note someone stole the poppy tin from work last week... how shameful is that, and dont even get me started on the people who protest and burn poppies...

  3. Well written as always, babe.
    I'm so proud to wear a poppy. Like you I have the enamel one and am forever replacing the paper ones. People died and still die now for me to have the freedom to this. Equally, for the people to choose not to. What anyone else does is none of my business.

  4. I have my poppy and wear it with pride. I normally buy it from a local vetran. Everyone should know what they stand for, but somepeople donate and then dont want to wear one. That's fine. Seeing someone wearing one reminded me to buy mine xx

  5. I do donate, but I don't wear the poppy it's a personal thing and I have gotten some abuse for it in the past - I even got shouted at by a poppy seller once for giving money but declining the flower. If the white poppy was more readily available I would wear that (The White Poppy symbolises peace and the belief that there are better ways to resolve conflicts than through violence)but there are some people who think that wearing the white poppy is an insult to those who have died, so I can't win either way.

  6. Completely agree with you, our relatives fought for us to have the freedom of choice in our lives. You don't need to shout your support from the rooftops for it to be real.

    Lovely post, thank you for getting us all thinking



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