Thursday, 10 November 2011

Presidents of the bitching club

Oh Mr President Obama and President Sarkozy, Tut, tut, tut, this is my disappointed face. Gentlemen you broke the golden rule when bitching about a work colleague. Basically you didn't check to see if anyone was listening.

Although giant microphones in front of your gobby little traps should really have given the game away!!!

Oh and the giant bank of reporters listening in who all started to write things down as you spoke should also have been a GIANT hint that perhaps your little bitchfest wasn't as private as you had hoped.


For those that missed it, President Sarkozy was whining about the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (I googled the correct spelling-bite me) saying he couldn't stand him anymore and he is a liar. President Obama was then heard to reply "You may be sick of him , but me, I have to deal with him every day"

Not the worst comments in the world I grant you (I've said worse)  but still a schoolboy error gentlemen. You wouldn't catch two women having a bitch about a colleague in the toilets without first checking the cubicles would you?

It just so happens that the cubicles you didn't check were microphones RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE.

Did Gordon Brown never sit down with you both after a G20 summit over a couple of pints and say "let me tell you a funny story about a microphone and a woman named Gillian Duffy"

These guys both run countries for gods sake. If they can't organise a bitchfest at a summit then I truly fear for the future of the whole world.

I've never been caught bitching. I've bitched, of course I've bitched. everyone does. It isn't always meant to be mean, sometimes it is just a way of venting frustration (sometimes it is totally meant to be mean) but I've never been caught. THANK GOD.

I think I would just die. The whole point of bitching about someone is surely that they don't hear it!!!

If they hear it, well then GAME OVER.

Your best bet is to put your hands up, apologise and explain your position.
(or just not take their calls again hey Mr Presidents?)

 How about you? What's your position on Bitch-gate or whatever they are calling it.

Or even better, have YOU ever been caught bitching about someone? (feel free to use the anon button if it makes you feel better, obviously NOT to bitch about me though)

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. I, like many others I'm sure, have accidentally sent the email in which I'm bitching to the subject instead of to the person I meant to send it to.

    retract retract RETRACT!! Oh.. too late

  2. Yep, same as abloggingblonde. I was JUSTIFIED though!

  3. I've sent texts to the wrong person a few times now...I've learned to be careful where I bitch too, cos people talk!

  4. I've ranted about someone, and they were eavesdropping and got upset. So I called them out, ranted in their face then had a go for listening in on me... does that count?


    Ms Red

  5. i dont think ive ever been overheard, i have bitched about someone to a friend and then they have just gone and told that person (carefully omitting the part where they bitched too) hey ho. there is nothing better than a good bitch and moan :D

  6. *churchill voice* Ohhhh yesss. I've been caught. You can not bitch about people you know if you have small children, that's a fact. Ranging from "My Daddy called you a boll*cks" to "Mammy, why did you say 'oh shit' when Mary came in?" or "My Mammy doesn't like you" - himself and I have been caught out a few times. Ground, open, swallow, now.


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