Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Bitch bank of insults

Back at the beginning of October (you know, when it was warm) I wrote a post about those little words that instantly cause offence "No offence but"

If you can be bothered why not reacquaint yourself with the post
here -------> No offence but

Since then it has been pointed out to me that "No offence but" is a mere pussy cat in the world of being offensive without anyone being able to pull you up on it.

and this new way is only three letters as well.

Now even lazy people can try to be a bitch.

I remember when being a bitch took actual work. You had to respect a true bitch because they had to work hard at it, it wasn't simple. Not everyone could do it. It took imagination and pure evil genius. (Yes I do mean me, I am permanently exhausted)

Now it is as easy as L O L

Thats it, LOL

or WORSE, A fricking smiley face.

"OMG, How FAT do you look in that dress? You look like a pregnant hippo LOL :-) "

Oh, you added a LOL, it's a joke, I get it. You added a LOL to take out the sting. So now it doesn't hurt.

And what's this?

A smiley face?

Oh how I laughed at your wit, your intelligence. You added a SMILEY to an insult. I see what you did there.

Now you could've gone down the "Just out of interest, are your parents siblings" route or even "Now I can totally see why some animals eat their young"

All are perfectly acceptable insults.

Instead laziness has just taken over. No-one tries any more. It's all "No offence but" "LOL" and smiley faces.

It's just poor bitching skills.

So hit me with your best insult.

We can create a bank of insults that people can just dip into whenever they need to.

Let me start you off.

Learn from your parents mistakes darling, use contraception.

Awwwww, don't let your mind wander, it is too little to go out alone.

He is so stupid he has to be watered twice a week

Have those ones on me.

What's your favourite bitchy put down or insult?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I have a whole lot of them on yesterday's post:

  2. Justin Bieber was the load his Mum should have swallowed! FACT!

  3. Your birth certificate is an apology letter from Durex.


    Don't call me what your mother reared.

    Both ones recently used!

  4. Now I'm on the spot my mind has gone blank and I can't think of anything! Waaaaaah

  5. In the southern USA we like to say "Bless your heart" and "Aren't you pretty?" ;) Everyone knows that both translate to "Wow, you're stupid."

  6. I like "I don't mean to patronise you..oh wait..you DO know what that means, don't you?"


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