Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas Traditions

Everyone has different traditions at Christmas and has things that they certainly wouldn't do at any other time of the year. (No, not that, that's for birthdays. Special ones)

We listen to christmas songs, we see a hell of a lot of Michael Buble (Does he get put in storage for the rest of the year? Or in someones basement perhaps?) we decorate our houses in lights and colours that, let's be honest here really don't go together and we drink vile concoctions that wouldn't usually get through the door any other month than November!!

Yes Advocaat, I'm talking about you.

Seriously, the stuff is vile, but the minute A Fairytale In New York starts playing at the end of November, I start to crave it like a strung out crack whore.

"Snowball Kellie?"

"Don't mind if I do"

You just can't help it, the stuff looks like Santa cum and yet we drink it by the bottle load.

For me, my guilty christmas drink is Sheridans. Oh I love it so much, Do you know the stuff?

Flip the lids, pour the drink, the cream goes to the top, dark liquer to the bottom, you drink it, refill your glass and repeat until you fall down (that part might just be me)

Would I drink it in July?

Hell no, if it waved at me from the shelf I would pass by it, acting like I didn't even know its name. (Stone cold cut it dead)

Sorry about that, I more than make up for it in December though.

Erm............................. Drink Responsibly people (That's the disclaimer sorted then)

What do you do at Christmas that usually you wouldn't.

(I'd say keep it clean, but hey, it's Christmas)

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Things I do around Christmas that I wouldn't normally do?

    Get drunk and fall over in front of respected colleagues.
    Drink in the street (mulled wine at markets, I haven't gone down the hip flask route just yet).
    Dress like a glitter ball that's been vommed on by the glitter fairy.
    *That*. Well, it is a special occasion.

  2. "Santa cum" I am never drinking snowballs ever again! Bleurgh x

  3. I wouldn't drink advocaat any time of the year. I don't like it one bit. I eat chocolates and I don't the rest of the year. I eat them until I'm sick of them. Then that's enough of that. It's my one indulgence. I don't do zex anymore.

  4. :) Great article and stylish blog! Recently, I was amused by the strangest Christmas traditions in the world. If you are curious which nation admires a pooping figure, check it out!

  5. I watch cheesy movies and allow myself to cry in front of them... tradition I have developped the past few years of leaving in Ireland, strangely enough


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