Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A hair-raising tale

I seem to have some sort of Movember thing going on with my legs at the moment.

What can I say, I'm cold.

It's like added insulation and it isn't as though I am going to be wearing skirts any time soon is it? (And if I do have to wear one, I can just say that mohair tights are so this season can't I?)

I should be ashamed of my bear-like legs, instead I just feel snuggly and if I am feeling sad I can always just stroke my own legs. (smooth, scratchy, smooth, scratchy)

(If I am bored, I could always sit there and plait them I suppose)

Is anyone else avoiding the razor or waxing lately?


Might just me then.

I'm looking for the positives here.

I am warm. (always a good thing, I feel the cold like a chihuaha with no coat on)

I can amuse my 5yr old daughter for hours, (give her some glittery hairclips and a brush and she can play legdressers)

I am saving on soap (Couple more days and I can just shampoo my legs)

and also it means less washing as I don't need to use towels anymore, I can just shake off like a wet dog. Or if I am feeling deliciously decadent I can just blowdry my legs.

And we won't even get started on my armpits huh?

(I have no excuse for that other than I am lazy)

But until I start eyeing up velvet scrunchies for my underarms I think I can get away with it. Right? right?

So, any other ladies out there rebelling against the razor at the moment?

Please don't let me be the only one.

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. 'Legdressers'

    I might let mine grow just so I have an excuse to use that word.

  2. It is a beautiful word isn't it :-D

  3. I too am happily hirsute so you are not alone. Even Em has joined in (no man on the scene or she'd be porn star bald) though it backed fired on her when she ended up in A&E on Friday and they wanted to do a heart monitor, who knew they stuck those little sticky things on your legs too, oh how I laughed whilst she tried not to die of shame!

  4. The other day I anticipated getting laid, so prepared my ladyplace accordingly... only to get out into town and realise that I'd not ACTUALLY done my legs, as I was counting on my opaques for the evening.

    What a muppet.

    You are not alone. The winter months are an excuse not to shave. It's awesome.


  5. Brilliant! I think we are all the same from November until the sun shines again, warm and furry except for those silly women who go out with bare legs and teeny skirts. They must be mad and will undoubtedly catch cold in their kidneys, as my mother would have said.

  6. Legdressers - that is brilliant!

    I haven't bothered with the razor for a while now...I know of someone who hasn't touched hers since August! You are definitely not alone :) xx

  7. Opaques are a gal's winter friend!

  8. I'm totally with you on this one - it's too cold in the bathroom to spend extra time on hair removal (well that's my excuse anyway!) Long live the hirsute months...

  9. Oh I am a very hairy Mary at the moment. Am thinking of putting dreadlocks into the ladygarden! Does anyone else have leg hair so long that you get static when you take off a pair of tights? Anybody? x

  10. hairy mary here too! The only time hubby notices is when he touches mine as even though I have dark hair, my leg hair is mainly blond!

  11. You are not the only one - its the only way to go in the winter. Next it is the armpits and don't even get me started on the ladygarden

  12. Because I never shaved excess areas, I have no hair there to speak of. Hurray!

  13. Oh totally. During the cold months I only shave when hair starts sprouting through the black opaques! Hurrah for winter!

  14. Leg shaving/epilating season starts in May, no sooner and either way I live in trousers, so no harm no foul. Most my friends are still wondering how I "allow" this to happen, but really I refuse to lose the warmth for the winter months. Hair=insulation in my books!


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