Saturday, 3 December 2011

Heel Condoms

Apart from the fact that I giggle now whenever I say the word Heel Condoms I am in total awe of this funky way to update your shoes.

If you have a plain pair of heels that you want to jazz up for the christmas party season then why not check these out?

All available from the price ranges from £14.99-£24.99

In fact go and have a proper browse, Pretty Pink Toes have some seriously innotive items on their site. From Cityclips, which clip up your trousers to keep them dry to TrendyTabs which you can attach to your credit cards to pull out of your purse and lots of other stuff you cant even begin to imagine. Christmas gifts GALORE to be found there I promise.

So do you want to see what heel condoms look like?

How pretty are these?


So cute for weddings.

Jazzing up a pair of neutral shoes

I love this style.

Funky huh?

I love them. I have a couple of pairs of plain court shoes that could do with jazzing up and this is the perfect way to do it and is cheaper than shelling out for a new pair of shoes for the party season.

So what do you think of the heel condoms (giggle)

And what do you think of the site?
Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. They look great, I would break out in a fit of childish giggles when ever anyone asked what they were called though. Going to check the site out properly now x

  2. Love these, hate the name, it's terrible! I've seen some slightly more subtle "shoe jewellery" on ASOS recently too, think they're called Blingbacks?

  3. They look really nice and effective but the name alone would make me not buy them :(

  4. How about Heel sheaths ;-D

    Much classier

  5. that names, what where they thinking? we have a great product, lets give it a crap name! that will make them buy it?

  6. Unfortunately Pretty Pink Toes didn't name them. It's just what they are called.

    Such a good product though don't you agree

  7. Love these! They're totally not what I expected when I read the title though :P xo

  8. Now that I've stopped with the childish giggling, they are very pretty really.

  9. I think they are great. Too bad about the name. It makes them sound kind of trashy. But they are really neat and I would definitely buy them. XOX

  10. Umm, not sure about the name I have to say. BUT, I'm going to go take a look at these because my bestie would absolutely love them being a shoe addict. I think you have just sorted her Xmas prezzie. So for that, I say THANK YOU :)

  11. Those look quite fun. They do remind me that I've been meaning to try getting some Starlettos ( ) to avoid that horrible "sinking into grass" feeling - definitely a problem wearing my Zu Firepowers to a garden party.

  12. I think these are fabulous. Seriously, I'm buying them as Christmas presents right now!

    I also have no problem with the name - but then I wouldn't.


  13. I LOVE these! What a fab idea, we all have shoes that are supercomfy even though they're heels and we want to wear them everywhere. It's a great way to make a pair of your favourite shoes look different for lots of events!


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