Thursday, 1 December 2011

It's the final countdown

So it is the first of December and as I am not so gently poked in the ribs by a five year old at 6.30 this morning asking how many of her advent chocolates should she have eaten! (I will not repeat my answer, I am not a morning person) I am sad because this year I don't have an advent calendar of my own yet.

This saddens me greatly.

There is something so magical and wonderous about opening a advent calender each day that I really am going to have to go out and buy myself one. I can't be without one.

And then I got to thinking

Someone is missing a trick here. I want to make advent calendars that are aimed specifically at a target market.

A mothers advent calender perhaps, it would go something like this.

Dec 1st
You open the door and a small valium 10mg drops out and on the back of the calendar instead of a picture of santa it says "That toy you wanted for your kid? It's sold out, you are now officially a crap mother"

Dec 3rd
Behind door number 3 is a minature bottle of gin and a note to remember to buy presents for the childrens teachers

Dec 7th
A small packet of tissues and a reminder to be prepared for the inevitable I need a sheep costume for TODAY whinge at 8.30am.

December 14th
2 valiums, and a note to find out exactly how many people you are cooking for this year and to find out which one of your children has decided to become a vegetarian at the last minute.

December 19th
My birthday :-D Which usually means all of the childrens assemblies fall on this day so no drunken lunch for me. Have 2 Valium AND a bottle of gin. Merry frickin christmas.

December 24th
A telephone number for The Priory would be helpful behind door 24 today, instead it is a reminder to get batteries, because there is always a toy which needs them and you don't have enough, although nowadays some shops are open, when I was a child I stared at a toy for THREE days as my parents had forgotten to get batteries for it!!!!!!

Anyone else think this calendar would be a best seller?

Can you think of what should be behind the other doors?
Or any other people that would benefit a targeted calendar?

Let me know, I'm off to hunt down an advent calendar and hide my little ones before she eats them all.

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. Fabulous post! You should be off to the Dragons Den with that idea!

    Now get down to the shops and get yourself a calendar - you might even find they're reduced today. ;-)

  2. Hahahah! Brilliant!

    My mom made and advent Calendar for my kids one year, and she filled it will little toys that she had collected during the year for them. Since it it the most beautifully sewn item, and a new family tradition, I dutifully collect bits and pieces for it during the year.

    I also want one. But mine can be filled with Chanel, lancome, benefit and Estee Lauder bits :)

  3. hmmm - like the miniture bottles of gin... needs more chocolate ;-) x

  4. I most definitely see a market for your type of calender. I would make sure there are heavenly bonbons on the other days filled with liquor.And why only make it an advent calender. Make one for every holiday of the year. They can all last for as long as the school breaks last. XOX


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