Friday, 9 December 2011

Nom or Vom

It's Friday. Now for the rest of the week I like to play it all (mostly) serious but come Friday I think it is time to have a little fun and be downright shallow.

If you are new to the Nom or Vom party, this is how it works.

I post pictures of a hot male celeb and then you can just grade them like meat.

See, shallow. (It is what Fridays were made for isn't it?)

So let us start with todays offering of male hotness.

Jon Bon Jovi

Now, never have I typed a name into my computer and SO many pictures come up!!!
I was literally spoilt for choice.

Including one or two like this!!!!

Rude not to really don't you think?

Want to see some more pics?

(At this point I am starting to think that I have seen puddles deeper than this blog post)

So what do we think ladies and gentlemen?

Nom or Vom?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. *climbs like a coconut tree, bangs like a drum* No actually, *bangs like a marching band on e*

  2. I don't care that he's my mums age! It's been a nom nom nom since I was 15! Saw him in the flesh, although unfortunately clothes were on, last year and he is amazing!

  3. Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom, NOM!!!

    I ADORE JBJ - I just want to climb him. Definitely a NOM. The face, the arms, the HAIR. Nothing better.


    Ps - new mobile site means I can actually comment! Hurrah!

  4. NOM! I've always had a little thing for him.

  5. Nom, although I do think his teeth are slightly too big for his mouth lol x

  6. he is a nom for me although not in any of these pics... sometimes i think he looks freaky other times hot... i wouldnt kick him out of bed tohugh :D

  7. NOM!
    *fans self*

  8. Nummy nummy nummy, I could eat him whole :) DFT33 z

  9. Mmmm...I've never really paid all that much attention to JBJ...however...OM NOM NOM!

  10. I'm leaning towards vom but then I think, in all reality, I probably wouldn't kick him out of bed.

  11. Having fancied him since I was 13, I see no reason to stop now, despite the lesbian's haircut and over pearly whites. He has a great arse and a sexy voice. Where's my copy of Slippery when wet?

  12. NOM.

    Although the last time I saw him in concert I was a little disturbed about the fact that you could practically see his teeth from outer space.

    Step away from the bleach, Jon.

  13. Oh lord NOM NOM NOM I totally would

  14. The husbag calls him Jon Anchovy. While I don't like Anchovies, I like me a bit of Jon :)

    Dear Santa. I have been a really good girl this year. Please Leave Mr Jovi under the tree for me.

  15. Oh yummy nom nom all the way. Infact he's my free pass, id feast on his meat anyday.

  16. Came back for a second look and saw the 'feast on his meat' comment. Am now snorting like a teen.

    But seriously. I'd like to damage him. In a good way.

  17. Talking of slippery when wet............

    I'll leave that one there

  18. I don't know who he is.

    One for the oldies

  19. Oh hell, yeah!! He's on my "Shwing" list!!

  20. Did you know if he hadn't ended up as an international rawk star he would have probably been a hairdresser? Just imagine... ;-) x

    Nom by the way

  21. NOM! I have adored him since a teenager! So hell yeah! X

  22. NOM! Totally. With the long hair, with the short hair - clothed, unclothed - eight ways till Sunday. A BIG yes from me :D


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