Thursday, 22 December 2011

Still better than coal right?

So while Santa is making a list and checking it twice, the chances are that somewhere out there you have a family member who is feeling ever so smug because they think they have already got you exactly what you want and need.

They really should have checked with you because what we have discovered is that people are still receiving gifts that are, let's not be polite here...... crap.

Speaking to the lovely @HelenJNT from yesterday about bad presents led to putting out a twitter call for you to tell us the worst gifts that you have ever received.

Some of you have been either REALLY naughty, given out signals that yes, you really do want a ladyshave for christmas or your family just panic bought for you!!!

I don't know about you Helen, but I started to feel really grateful for all that I get.

Want a list?

Quite a few Ladyshaves

Pot pourri seems to be a quite popular, especially from your Secret santa. God knows why, the stuff is just awful (bet I get about 3 packets now)

Just a small tip out there for all the men currently flicking through the Argos book in a panic. NO KITCHEN ITEMS. I don't care if your lady has said that it is about time you bought a new toaster/washing machine/hoover there is NO WAY she wants it for christmas. she is not dropping hints to santa. Don't do it. just don't. Otherwise it won't just be chestnuts roasting on an open fire, you might find yours being thrown on as well.

Other gifts? VHS videos seem to be a popular from the older generation (Cue the young uns going, whats a video?) There were mutterings about American Tan tights as well!!!! Poor Grace.

The main theme that seemed to run through the bad gift giving was it wasn't the amount of money spent, it was the lack of thought. Champagne for a teetotaller. Steak knives for a vegetarian. See, no thought!!!

So whether you are spending £5 or £500 per person this christmas (If you are spending £500, call me. I need a couple of things) why not take the time to be thoughtful this christmas. You know what they like really, you just panicked. Breathe, and go shop with belief.

And step away from the Pot Pourri.

Have you had any awful presents that you need to share with the world. As always feel free to leave your comments anonymously (Only about gifts, no trolls please, it's christmas) if you want to.

Can't wait to see what you got while I sit here and wrap this hairbrush for Mr Fashionista (You have to see him to get it)

Let us know

Big Fashionista


  1. Hahaha! This post is amazing! I agree with it tenfold and agree it really is to do with the thought. Crap presents aren't always that bad if you can see hat they've thought about it and it relates to you so much - Once I got some socks with rubber ducks all over them, shit socks, AWESOME PRINT, I love duckies! Happy with that!

    A couple of years ago I was absolutely OBSESSED with Lush, everyone knew it. I refused to use anything other than Lush at the time. Then my brother bought me some smellies from boots. Everyone got smellies, good old 3 for 2! I can't think of any other particularly unthoughtful presents, its never that bad! xx

  2. I don't entirelirely agree with the "no kitchen items" - my friend Gareth got me this ACE tea infuser gadget and it really is a thing of wonder. However, had he given me tea towels, or lets say a set of wooden spoons, unless they were really awesome items, I would have been less than impressed!

  3. last year my Mum bought me a potato ricer 'to make perfect mashed potato' she was so excited to give it to me I don;t really have the heart to moan about it (too much)

  4. Actually knocking the Ratners crap earrings that did not "match" my engagement ring in anyway shape or form off top spot, was the present from one of my best friends at the time. We really were great friends, spent all our free time together. I will have bought her something fab for xmas, cant remember what and waited with eager anticipation to open the present she had bought me. To this day I have no idea what she was thinking. It was a small wooden bird. That had one leg. There was a bit of the 2nd leg, but no leg, it hadn't broken off post wrapping as it wasn't in the paper. She had given me a small wooden bird with a broken off leg. I concluded that perhaps our friendship was more one way than I had thought! I never mentioned it and I wish I had asked her why - if she was broke no gift and the promise of a girly night in with a dvd would have been so much nicer. Weird.

  5. Oh you poor ladies!!!!!!!!

    Hope this year is full of thoughtful gifts for you all

  6. Not a Xmas gift but my (ex) husband for our first wedding anniversary got me a (used from eBay) toy figurine of a show I liked then I was FOUR and a DVD of said show. Would have been ok as a random gift but not for our first wedding anniversary and not after I'd spent £300 on him :-(


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