Thursday, 19 January 2012

Blur-ring the lines

Oh Alex James, what has become of you?

I remember when you were achingly cool and despite being more of an Albarn girl myself I could respect that you were hip and forged in the fires of awesomeness.

Then you became addicted to cheese and we all worried as you turned your back on the hedonistic world of Brit Pop to dream up new fantastic types of cheese for us all to drool over.

(Personally I'd have preferred a new Blur album)

You basically became a cheese bore, a mini babybellend if you will. But we put up with it because part of us hoped that one day you would again help bring Brit pop back just like Justin Trousersnake brought the sexy back. (I do like some Brit pop)

Well that's never going to happen now.

Now I don't know if Mr James had a huge bill to pay, Perhaps had a lorryload of kumquats and potatoes coming for his next cheese invention and no way of paying for it but he wrote an article for The Sun newspaper basically extolling the virtues of fast food in a way that I never thought I would hear him or anyone else with a conscience do.

I really am hoping that the whole thing was tongue-in-cheek, (Or he had a gun at his head)  I have heard Alex James in the past raving over fresh, high quality food and how it is so important and yet now he is comparing McDonalds to a Michelin starred restaurant (I'm sure he wouldn't like it if I compared his cheese to Dairylea would he?)

And I do get the feeling that Alex James has "dumbed it down" for his audience, he occasionally slips in a comment about things such as Kentucky-fried Grouse or being "backstage" at a restaurant as if he is reminding us although he may be writing for his target audience, he can't help but remind people he isn't actually one of them. He is Alex James don't you know? (He makes cheese)

Am I disappointed that Alex James has come across as a sell-out?

Yes I am, the whole thing smacked of complete advertorial content.

If I wrote a post like that, I would have to disclose that it was a sponsored post, (Sponsored by Greggs? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, call me) But no, Alex James has wrapped it up in a pretty bow and handed it to readers as a completely independent study into fast food.

Which it obviously isn't,

I'm off to listen to Parklife and wait for Gordon Ramsey to realise he has been unfavourable compared to a spread from Greggs. Can't imagine that's going to go down well. A bit like your cheese hey Alex?

What do you think?

Was Alex James being honest in his article or do you think he may as well just get some Golden Arches tattoo'd on his arse and have done with it?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I had the hots for Alex J for ages and regularly bumped into him. Its really disappointing that this hunk of handsomeness has become a fame hungry promotional twat (and I'm thinking of the umpteen celebrity TV things he's attempted). He's either very badly advised by his agent or PR or he really doesn't care as he has a family of FIVE, impending school fees and a humungous farm . I preferred him in his sexy louchness, champagne swilling, hanging around members bars phase. *sigh*

  2. 'mini babybellend' you are too funny!

  3. There I was thinking this was going to be about nanoblur lol. Will you be blogging about your evening with the bloggettes last night?
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  4. Are McDonalds using his cheese or what? Eejit, he should get back to swaying around with his hair in his eyes and a fag hanging out of his mouth. So much more attractive than cheese!

  5. Think I lost all respect when he brought out Tomato Ketchup & Tikka Masala cheese - & I love "mini babybellend" am going to try & slip that into a conversation as soon as possible!

  6. I think he's a bit of a prat! Minibabybellend is inspired!

  7. This was so weird wasn't it? I remember reading it going what the hell is he thinking!?


  8. *still sobbing quietly at the death of my teenage fantasies*


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