Sunday, 15 January 2012

Diamonds & Daggers,

Before christmas I started a series at the weekends promoting small businesses that I thought were interesting and different. It is a hard time for small businesses at the moment and I think it is important to support small businesses wherever possible.

Today is the turn of

I love all things sparkly, in fact if you checked closely you may find I am part magpie. (Or possibly Dory from Finding Nemo, ooooooh shiny)

Want to see some sparkly things?

Of course you do

 I'm loving this necklace, it could make a fantastic Valentines day gift for a loved one.
£15.00 and comes in various colours

Magic mushroom earrings? Superb. £9.00 and various colours available

 Such a cute brooch and only £10.00

 Personalised phone case? Some bling with your ring perhaps. £35.00

More hearts, awwwwwwwwwwww. This personalised letter case is £35.00

 I am loving this T-shirt, the cut, the style and understated sparkles. £35.00

If I had legs like this gorgeous model I would dress like this constantly. I love this T with the upside down cross and I know so many people it would suit.  £35.00

So what do you think of Diamonds & Daggers?

What is your favourite piece from their website?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. oooh nice site! Wish I wasn't so skint!

  2. Oh cool, nice to see Koshil in your blog post! I shot with her a while back.

  3. Love the earrings... they are adorable! x

  4. I love those phone cases, very cute!


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