Sunday, 8 January 2012

Fiat 500 and JLo? Not buying it.

Can someone text Liv and tell her to send JLo flowers, she is officially off my shit list.

Ok, so I've still not forgiven Liv Tyler completely and I'm still not completely on board with the whole Pantene thing but while I was sitting there grinding my teeth at the superficial bitches on Take Me Out, (No likey, no lighty) the adverts came on and I spat my coffee everywhere and then practiced my bitch face while JLo pranced across my screen in a Fiat!!!!!

A Fiat?

A Fiat?

Now I'm not rich but I will turn out my pockets (Ok, Mr Fashionistas pockets, I'm pretty, not dumb) and my kids money banks and give you every penny they have if you can find me one picture of JLo rolling through Beverley Hills on her day off in her Fiat 500, (I'm pretty sure my (their) money is safe)

It just ain't happening is it?

We ain't fooled by the rocks that she got, (In fact we don't give a crap)

She's still, she's still Jenny from the block, (This was her "street" phase yes?)

She used to have a little, now she gotta lot, (Of NERVE to think we are gonna swallow her as a Fiat driver that is)

She's still Jenny from the block ya know.

Anyone else see the Fiat 500 as more of a rollerskate than a car anyway, the woman has twins for gods sake, there is no way on this fine earth that rollerskate masquerading as a car is going to accommodate JLo's arse, 2 babies, a double buggy and a nanny or two.

Something (other than the husband) has to give.

(Bet it's JLo, "Oh it's ok au pair, I'll take the Escalade, you take the children, I'll meet you there"  She's real like that remember? )

There is more chance of me getting caught climbing out the back of VIN Diesel than her being caught climbing out of a Fiat 500.

It isn't even SLIGHTLY believable, I can understand why Pantene wanted Liv, she has beautiful hair, of course they want to put their name to it. But when you think Fiat, you don't immediately think Jennifer Lopez do you? In fact, even after a whole week you probably still wouldn't think Jennifer Lopez, (I wouldn't even think Jennifer Saunders to be fair)

Tom Cruise? Possibly, he's a small man. I could believe that Mr Cruise MAY want a car that would suit his........... um, stature.

But either someone has been smoking waaayyyyyyyy too much green or they put loads of names in a hat and just pulled one out.

Or maybe both? I can see a big group of execs sitting around a table getting high on their own supply, surrounded by cereal boxes and empty wotsits packets and as it gets passed to the left hand side they all had to come up with a name of a celebrity they want to represent Fiat.

They started off with Chico, moved onto Peaches Geldof and as the J's get stronger, the list got wilder.

(I'm going to assume that by the time they got to JLo they were completely monged out of their brain on some industrial strength shit and checking the fridge for leftovers)

Then when they got their people to talk to JLo's people and she said yes they probably thought that they had permanently damaged some cells!!!!

Well either that or they think WE HAVE!!!!!!

Coz i'm not buying a Fiat, and I'm not buying that JLo is either.

From what I've heard she used a body double for most of the advert anyway!!!!

And what does that say about your product if the star you've paid to star in your advert can't even be arsed (No pun intended) to actually star in it? or bear to even sit in the car.

You may like to keep it real JLo,

But so do I

Like HELL do you drive a Fiat.

Liv, come back babe, all is forgiven. By the way Liv, what car do you drive?

Big Fashionista x x

Are we believing that Jenny from the block drives a Fiat?

Or do we think she has just cashed the cheque and put it towards more rocks that we should not be fooled by?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I would frickin' ROFL myself in to the gutter if I saw JLo driving a Fiat around LA or London or anywhere for that matter, it's about as believable as Kate Middleton advertising Subway

  2. Ahahahaha, you've got me spitting our my morning coffee in stitches with this post. I've seen this ad a few times over the past week and it really grates on me. Jenny from the block my friggin *rse!

  3. Whilst this is total fantasy on behalf of Fiat's marketing team we do all know that Coleen Rooney drives around in an Overfinch Range Rover, what I'd really like to see is Range Rover embracing Mrs Rooney's voluntary endorsement of their product!!

  4. No way she'd drive a Fiat, why would anyone though, I had the misfortune of driving one for work a couple of years ago, hated everything about the car

  5. The tv advert is actually a clippit from her music video to that song, so in other words she was too lazy to do a seperate advert! I also dont believe she actually uses Venus razors!!

  6. She don't drive a Fiat, the only people stupid enough to believe that are too poor to have a car anyway, the budget in their benefits won't stretch far enough (harsh but true) whatever next, Samuel L Jackson selling clipper lighters? (that could probably happen, he'll be in anything)

  7. surely she should be advertising a diamond encrusted Bentley, might believe that ad if I saw it.

  8. I've not seen this ad but it sounds like the most ridiculous of ridiculous celeb endorsements!x

  9. I agree with everything you're saying lately!!!

    Also, you know the clip in the advert? That is her actual music video for that song...she pimped out her own song video to Fiat. She must have got a hellova payday for that! I remember seeing the music video and being like "what, no Maserati?" I did NOT realise it was an extended ad. :/

  10. I HATE that her music video for her new song IS this advert! Surely there should be some advertising rules against this or something?! But I completely agree with you, not buying it!

  11. Elle Macpherson was driving one around when the new shape first came out. I agree the advert with J.Lo is appalling but my fiat 500 is still one of the best car's I've ever had!

  12. more of a rollerskate than a car anyway = rofl hahahaAHAHAHAHAHAHA XX

  13. Did you see the performance on one of those Video music awards shows she performed with a Fiat on the stage and did the dance routine in it. Yup IN IT. Whilst they showed videos of roads behind it for that driving along feel. Then slid down it. So absurd.


  14. you lost me at climbing on Vin Diesel :D


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