Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The first weigh in

So there I am, standing in front of the scales at Boots, removing every single bit of spare clothing that I can think of, (Won't go naked in Boots again, I learnt that lesson) and I am praying to the god of weight loss, (Ricki Lake) that I have had a good week.

There is nothing like it being THAT time of the month, coupled with the first week of a diet to bring out the crazy in me.

I would like to apologise to Mr F, The children, the postman, and all the newsreaders on television I have shouted at and sobbed at (Usually in quick succession) over the last week. I have been a hell bitch on wheels to live with.

But, has it been worth it?

6lb off in my first week.

I can live with that. (especially with the added bonus of a period thrown in just for shit and giggles)

I am hoping that now I am over the first week I will find it a lot easier, the meals haven't been a problem, I enjoy cooking them and being inventive but my body keeps saying "nice meal, where's the cake?" or "Give me chocolate cowface or I will cut ya"

I'm hoping that that voice shuts the hell up this week.

So onwards and downwards I hope.

I want to keep up the momentum and have some good weightlosses over the next couple of weeks. I need to sort out an exercise plan soon but one step at a time.

How did your week go if you have been dieting?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Congrats! That's you off to a flying start.
    Lost over 5st with Slimming World and was so silly and took a 4 week break there over Christmas so this Thursday is my first weigh in :S
    My loss was at 5st 3lbs (in 7 months) dreading to think how much I've gained...

    But seriously, great start esp because we can all weigh up to 5lbs heavier during a period! Seriously!

    The best of luck for the week ahead x

  2. fantastic!! well done! i know how hard it is to go on a diet..i'm still not on one. can't get myself motivated enough - still too much chocolate and cake lingering around the house..

  3. That's amazing! Well done!
    I am too but being the stupid bint that I am I didn't take a start weight (probably a good thing though losing the extra water weight from all the tears may have helped). But I feel better and my clothes are feeling better so that's a start right?

  4. congratulations!! was thinking about last night, a bit nervous actually! struggling a bit with my diet, very very hungry but doing my best x

  5. Thanks for all the encouragement. When I did this diet last time it was everyones comments that really helped me get through it. If I feel low and think I'm going to crack I always come and read everyone's comments.

    You guys inspire me to keep going x

  6. Brilliant, I knew you'd do well xx

  7. You bloody star! Well done, very pleased for you, you know I know how hard it is! I lost 2lb this week so have 2lb left of my xmas gain to shift. x

  8. Congrats thats brill! Well done on the loss. I'm going to Unislim myself and had 11pounds gone but its first week back after a four week break later and I'm very anxious about how much good work I might have undone!

  9. Yay well done *shakes pompoms*

  10. 6lbs is a great achievement. Surely that makes all the hardships worth it!

    I lost all 4lbs of my Christmas weight so I'm happy with that. Only 3 stone to go!

  11. That's fab!! Well done!!! I hope I can do as well as you keep up the fab work!!!xxxx

  12. congrats my lovely :D


  13. Well done you! I also went to Boots today to get weighed and lost 2 lbs! Just got to stick to it now.

  14. Well done to you girls too. We deserve a group hug!!!!!

  15. I am very distressed by this - I got on the Wii Fit after the first week of detox to discover I had GAINED a pound. GAINED??? WTF??

    Well done on your ridiculously good weight loss though. Damn you woman.


  16. Well Done! I'm 9lbs down this week! *leaps enthusiastically into group hug*

    going to Zumba tonight...I may die


  17. Congrats on the weight loss! 1st weigh in at WW after Christmas I gained 3.5lbs. It could have been worse. Back on it now. Good Luck for this week, let us know the digits! xxx

  18. Well done Kellie. I gained 0.5 lb last week so decided to kick my butt and get back onto SureSlim properly this week. So far so good. Got over 2.5 stone to lose and a 338 mile charity cycle ride in May to train for so good luck to both of us!

    Bit worried as so far I've not really felt hungry and have still managed to spin and zumba at the gym. I know the hunger will kick in soon though so trying to brace myself for it and keep that motivation at the forefront of my mind.



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