Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Glossybox December Review

I was going to review the Glossybox in depth and choc full of beautiful photographs but

Either Antony Worral-Thompson has had access to my box, or I've used it all. Soz.

I was going to give you pictures of the beautifully scented foaming Rituals shower gel,

But it's gone.

I should be showing you pictures of the rather gorgeous Deborah Lippmann nail varnish Razzle Dazzle that was in the box, along with a sachet of the remover Stripper to go.

But it is snuggled in so nicely with all the other Deborah Lippmann varnishes that I have bought since, I don't want to disturb it. (My bank manager curses you GlossyBox, curses you)

The Nip + Fab spot fix?

It's in one of my handbags ready to use in an emergency.

The Blinc & Go Eyeshadow and blush?

The perfect shade of green is almost gone!!!! Gone, oh the shame.

I should be able to show you the Cargo Lipgloss in all it's glory........

But that has definitely gone, I glossed my lips so many times over christmas even the mistletoe got bored of me.



The box is nice, Look.

And yes, the rather festive box has also..............................GONE.

This GlossyBox was AMAZING. I truly loved every single product. Yes all the products are well and truly gone or are well on the way to being gone, all would be repurchased and in the case of the Deborah Lippmann nail varnish, has been purchased already in many, many different colours.

Nice work GlossyBox

Can't wait for Januarys box.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I love the way, and excuse the pun, you think out of the box when it comes to how you present your posts....and I agree that December's GlossyBox was really good. In fact, I reckon, the best since I've been subscribing.

  2. i really liked this box too although i am yet to use much except the nail varnish, too many other things to use lol :D


  3. Probably the most impressed Glossybox customer I've seen for the Dec box :D

    Steph xx

  4. I really should put my name on the list for a glossy box. Can't believe after all the posts I read about it it's your post with the empty box that is making me decide to do it!! (I will of course give your contact details to my bank manager)

  5. I've given them some stick in the past but I loved this box. I really did.


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