Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Keep calm, KEEP CALM?

Like Katie Price in her Jordan phase and Heidi & Seals wedding planner, I guess some things just come to the end of their usefulness.

I'm talking about the phenomenon that is

Ok, it was cute at first, then it just seemed to turn into a mild case of Thrush (slightly annoying and difficult to get rid of) but now it turned into a monster.

Cups, teatowels, little BBM icons, everywhere I turn I'm being told to Keep Calm.

I REALLY don't like being told what to do.

There is a man in my house?

I know what I will do,

Keep Calm

and possibly eat cupcakes or something kitsch and quirky like that.

Nope, what I would probably do is Keep Calm and Keep Shooting, Wonder if there is a poster for that?


Keep calm? What if I don't want to Keep Calm? I don't really like calm anyway. And if I'm being told to keep calm then the chances are I'm going to go Bat-shit crazy just for the hell of it.

Apparently, as long as I Keep Calm I can do anything that I want to do,

Buy Shoes

Eat Cake

Go Shopping

Drink Tea

The world is my lobster as long as I Keep Calm...........

Do you think Anger Management therapists are aware of this fact? It would certainly make therapy a lot quicker and easier if they just handed out little postcards, or in group therapy everyone sat around drinking coffee out of Keep Calm Mugs.
(I imagine someone in the NHS is out there now taking notes-Using a Keep Calm pen I bet ya)

Personally I've had enough of this crap now.

Yes it was fun, it was a brilliant piece of nostalgia that deserved to be revisited but for the love of BLOG, let it go.

Let us all take one more sip from our mugs, wipe something up with our teatowels and salute our postcards,

But if you don't start letting it go and moving on, it is gonna take a hell of a lot more that a Keep Calm poster to actually Keep me Calm,

Consider yourself warned.

And Eat Cake if you must (Save me a slice though)

What do you think, Is it time to move on or are you still getting pleasure from the Keep Calm phenomenon?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Keep calm &... hide all the keep calm products. It's been about a year too long. Love your image of the anger management sessions :)

  2. I never got the whole 'Keep Calm' thing, I did ponder about it for a while then decided it couldn't possibly be aimed at someone like me and the products are EVERYWHERE. The market is saturated by the crap.
    Ah well.
    Each to their own ;)

  3. I absolutely hate this craze - especially because the original poster designer has been massively ripped off by every other shop, company and ad campaign. There's been so much illegal copyright infringement that it's unreal. Charlie brooker I think did a piece on this same topic recently and his venting and rage really reassured me that I wasn't the only one with such a hatred of this phenomena.

    I can't wait until it dies down!

  4. Everything gets tired, dunnit? My son did one for me which said KEEP CALM AND EAT WINEGUMS to which I replied, can't I just eat the fecking winegums? Can we have a go at cupcakes too? Jeez, am I SICK of fucking cupcakes! Truly, is there anything more boring to eat and twee to look at? Garn.

  5. Mind you, don't you wish you'd come up with the fecker? I know I do! :D

  6. 755 members??? That is OBSCENE, woman! :)

    1. Too many?
      Im surprised even one person listens to my rambles :-D

  7. Leaving a comment just to say i absolutely LOVE your blog. Puts such a huge smile on my face!

  8. *yawn* boring pile of pish. It is bad enough seeing the posters etc but the other day someone said it to my face.

    Fists were clenched by my sides as I walked off in disgust

  9. I am with you on that one. I do not want to keep calm. Calm is boring and if I want to I will eat the bloddy cupcake while I'm angry! In fact there should be posters saying GET FRUSTRATED AND KICK SOMETHING.


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