Saturday, 21 January 2012

Lovely Vintage Emporium

At the weekend I like to feature small businesses on the internet that I think would be of interest to people who read my blog.

And I have noticed that you the readers have style, taste and are serious about fashion. Now whether you are a huge fan of all things vintage or the sort of person that thinks a piece of classic, well made designer vintage can add that something extra to your wardrobe you NEED to check out my favourite Vintage website Lovelys Vintage

Owned and ran by Lynnette, whom, I adore, this site has something for EVERYONE, from jewellery to scarves all the way through to rare Chanel and Jackets. Every piece is sourced by Lynnette and she definitely knows her stuff.

Want to see some of the products currently available from Lovelys Vintage ?

Of course you do.

Now bear with me as this next part is quite picture heavy, I kept finding more things that I wanted to show you. I love absolutely everything I am showing you here.

Everything you see here is currently available from Lovelys Vintage, but if you see something you like, get in there fast, things go very quickly.

Another thing I love about Lovelys Vintage site is Lynnettes blog, always informative, always fun and always a really great read. Go take a look by clicking ----> HERE

So run my little vintage fashionistas, run and see for yourself the beauty of Lovelys Vintage. Tell me what you love about the site, and if you buy anything, come back and let me know what you bought and what you intend to wear it with.

Don't forget to let me know x  x x

Big Fashionista x x

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