Saturday, 14 January 2012

The misery hat

Whether it is my diet, the fact that I am a hormonal wreck or all the crappy stuff going on in my life at the moment, currently I am suffering a huge case of ..............

"The Miseries"

You all know the miseries right? Have you been formally introduced to them? It is a time in your life when you just give in to all bleurgh and meh and just ride the wave of feeling sorry for yourself for a couple of days before dragging your sorry arse up out of it and giving yourself a swift slap for being such a drama queen.

Yes, THOSE miseries.

Well welcome to mine. Now usually I drown my miseries in chocolate, cakes and all sorts of stuff that is bad for you and yet tastes so so good. but unfortunately that isn't an option at the moment and for some reason sobbing into a bag of pumpkin seeds just isn't really having the same effect (funny that huh?)

But I have noticed something today that before had passed me by and now I have a little chicken & egg situation going on.

I have a hat. A green knitted hat, it has a bobble on the end of it, it is quite a long hat and it is old and fluffy and I think that maybe it smells. (yeah it does)

and whenever I feel sad I wear the hat.

BUT, do I wear the hat because I am sad, or do I feel I sad because I wear the hat?

Does the hat just reinforce my sadness? Or help me to get over it.

What do you think?

Do you have something you cling to when you are suffering a case of the miseries? Do you find that it helps?

Or should I just burn the hat?

(I should burn the hat shouldn't I?)

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. I have a misery jumper. It's the most godawful thing you ever saw, gaudy multi coloured stripes that clash with each other and everything around you. But my mum gave it to me when I was 16 and it's soft and warm and SHE thought it was gorgeous. And wearing it feels like a hug (even if I cringe if I see myself in the mirror while I'm wearing it).

  2. When i'm all miserable i watch Bones and CSI over and over and over again. And yeah it kinda helps.

  3. Maybe it's the fact that it smells that doesn't help!! Wash it on spray some perfume you love on the bobbly part, it will make you happy.
    Now go have a bath with lovely bubbles, a book you love and have your kids fetch you a glass of wine (it is a way for them to earn their keep)

  4. When I have the miseries I put on my fluffy slipper boots and the hoody I stole from my husband and I flomp on the sofa for as long as I want :)

  5. When I'm miserable I get out my ratty hot water bottle and cover and my jammies and big hoody and lie on the sofa watching buffy. Eating much chocolate. It helps.
    Keep the hat


  6. I get the miseries if I ever eat artificial sweeteners, which makes diet food a bit of a mine field for me! When I'm down I wear leggings and big hoodies and eat macaroni cheese xx

  7. When I get the miseries I wear bright red lipstick. Somehow it makes me feel a little more powerful. That and I hate feeling like crap and someone asking if I'm having a bad day... instantly makes it worse!
    If you feel like buring your hat, go for it! Many miseries are unflammable so take advantage of the ones that are! - V Xx

  8. When I get the miseries I watch reruns of friends - they sooth me. I say ditch the misery hat and buy a happy hat instead!!!

  9. Take the first step in recovery and ask your partner to hide the hat for a while ;)


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