Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Moral Superiority

Working from home has its advantages, and one of those advantages has to be the option of feeling morally superior to the plebs who appear on Jeremy Kyle every morning.

Let us be honest here, it really isn't difficult to feel morally superior to a Jeremy Kyle guest is it?

Even my cats feel superior to a JK guest, and they lick their own bums clean. My cats that is, not the Jeremy Kyle guests (although there was that one contestant.......)

Where shall I start?

Firstly, What sort of person decides to air their dirty laundry in public anyway?

You don't think the baby is YOURS?

Let's call Jeremy Kyle, He can sort it out, In fact, bring the whole family, have an away day, bring a scrunchie, have a party.

While we are on the subject of scrunchies, let's talk fashion sense. Now if someone held a gun to my head and told me I HAD to appear on Jeremy Kyle or else, then I would damn well make sure I looked my best, and I'm not talking about getting my best tracksuit cleaned and polishing my sovereigns (And that's just the women) I have yet to see a guest on Jeremy Kyle make a real effort, Now someone may object to me saying this and bleat that the production team persuade the guests to "keep it real" and dress down.

I would be the (unwilling) guest arguing that yes I do wear these Louboutins to do the weekly shop in ACTUALLY, and the only way I wouldn't be wearing them is if a producer tore them from my cold dead feet.


But no, the Jeremy Kyle guests roll up like they are late for the school run, and then proceed to tear strips out of each other like fishwives, It is perfect morning television for if you are feeling grotty and low, if you have had a row with your partner or just if you want to sneer at chavs.

It is the human equivalent of watching animals in a zoo, the only thing missing is the occasional faeces throwing (Although they may have cut that bit out, who knows) it gives us a chance to see people at their worst. I really don't know what drives people to think that airing their problems on a TV show can help.

Can you imagine your child in the future finding out that there was doubts about who their daddy was? From reruns of Jeremy Kyle on Watch or Dave 15 years down the line? For me as a normal person that just doesn't bear thinking about. The difference is the people who DO appear, really don't give a stuff, in fact it probably doesn't even cross their tiny little minds.

I am just positively moist with moral superiority aren't I?

You should try it, just don't get too sucked in.

And if you start googling scrunchies, let me know,

I'll just add you to the list of people I can feel morally superior too.

Do you watch it?

Let me know your feelings on the programme.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. i love JK for this very reson... at least i have a job/ house... blah blah blah and am not preggers by my friends-sisters-fathers-dog :D

    1. It's strangely comforting isn't it, no matter how bad our lives are we can always be proud they aren't as awful as the life of a JK guest

  2. I watch it when I'm on holiday and it has a way of putting everything into perspective. I think the hoop earrings must be a pre-requisite to be on the show though

  3. I actually can't cope with jk at all. I find it seriously stressful awful viewing and like you wonder how they managed to get them on tv dressed the way they do. It just makes me shudder at the prospect. And jks sanctimonious sit on the stair and shout at people winds me right up. Argh!


  4. Hate it, just can't watch, prefer Matthew Wright...
    And as for scrunchies, what else would actually compliment the shell suit?

  5. Haha at 'bring a scrunchie'! I don't watch it very much, it scares me sometimes :)

  6. Erm...I just googled scrunchie. Bring on that moral superiority ;) JK makes me squeal - so many things wrong with that programme but you're right, it's good fun to point and laugh at the unfortunate chavs ;)

  7. The only time I have ever watched JK was when I was in the gym on the x-trainer or the bike, I wore my moral superiority like a flag I can tell you - legitimately wearing sports clothing, exercising rather than being a carb-fuelled couch potato AND not having sex with anyone to whom I was related by blood, go me.

  8. I watch it, I have it on series link! I moan all the way through about JK and the guests, but I bloody love it! xx

  9. To be fair, a shell suit is their Sunday best as most of the time they march around in skanky pj's

  10. BAM! you just hit the nail on the head haha, i have to say JK is one of my guilty pleasures but... omg the clothes people wear :( i do die inside just a little when i see them, i think i can safely say that that is one show which has not invested in a stylist!!

  11. I've watched it...a few me it's like bear-baiting ....lets get these people all riled up...and let them loose on each other.
    My god..I think I saw one person on there wearing slippers...and most only have half of their're's so easy to feel superior...but some how that programme is just wrong!


  12. This is nothing.

    There's a USA version.

    I NEVER watch it. *cough*.

  13. I saw a girl that bullies me at school on JK, I've never felt so much more superior than at that moment.

  14. Sorry, that bullied me. It's been over 10 years since I was at school.

  15. I always thought it was a bit wrong how the guests have to 'keep it real' but Mr. Kyle himself doesn't. When you work on the show, you aren't allowed to bring up his dodgy past at any point, to anyone!

  16. I love that you call them contestants...


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