Thursday, 5 January 2012

Spot the difference

One thing that I have always been open about is that I have the skin care routine of a frog.  A really badly organised frog,

I am lucky that I don't suffer badly with spots, I do suffer but it is usually just one or two spots at a time. The acne fairy seems to have bypassed me in its search for the perfect host.

I go through stages of trying to get my skin sorted and then get lazy and end up sleeping in my make up, (Oh ok, I always sleep in my make up, my bad) then I start to get concerned about wrinkles so I slap on some creams, lotions and potions and then get lazy and.................. you sort of know where I am going with this don't you?

Recently though my skin has been a lot worse.

I have had spots so big that they tried to name ME!!

Some have even tried to squeeze me!!! (I kid you not, some of these buggers hurt)

and how do spots just KNOW to come up the day before something important? It is like they just squat happily under the surface like a beligerant toad (Whats with all the amphibian references today?) just until you need your skin to look its best and then BAM!! Up it pops to sit on the surface and wave at everyone.

And it is always the day before so you have time to play with it, (If I had a quid for everytime I gave myself a Colgate facial then I'd be rolling wiv da rich kids) Toothpaste, a quick squeeze which ALWAYS makes it go redder (why do we always think that will help?) covering it with concealer, then rubbing it a bit, adding more concealer, rubbing it again. What do we think will happen, A bloody genie will appear? (Although to be fair I think there may well have been one in my last huge spot, it was certainly big enough)

Clever little spots always pick their moments don't they?, if it was five minutes before you were due to leave then you'd think oh sod it, it's just a spot.

But the day before? They appear like stealthy spot ninjas and dig in like soldiers on the battlefield.

Giving you time to plan your strategy and approach to the aforementioned ninja spot, which obviously it has also prepared for and then calls in reinforcements.

And before you know it you have a whole bloody battalion on your face.

Bet you wish you'd left it alone now dontcha
(although you know that the next spot that comes along, I'll still be thinking, "Now where did I leave that Colgate"(Other toothpaste brands also available) )

(Look at me getting all tricky with my double brackets)

Now seeing as I started my new healthy living lifestyle on Tuesday I am hoping that ninja assassin spots will soon be part of the past.

But I am making a solemn vow that when the next one comes up I will definitely not be touching it, I will leave it alone to run its course.............

(Looks at toothpaste out of the corner of my eye. Erm, just in case..........)

Do you get spots? What do you do with yours?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. You can't beat a good squeeze of a spot, this technique also does nothing but aggravate the situation but I cam never resist!

  2. i know it will make it worse and try to avoid touching but i give in eventually and fiddle with it and make it worse... skin care is my big thing for 2012 :D

  3. I never used to get spots either and went through puberty without it but now at the age of twenty-two I'm getting random spots on my face! I have a weird obsession where I just stare at it to see the changes. My advice is never touch (though I should practice what I preach!)
    Definitely related to this post...

  4. You can be guarenteed at least once every month my normally spot free pale skin will be blotchy and I will get 1 or 2 MONSTER spots (normally somewhere around my chin).
    I find if I add a few drops of tea tree oil to any bog standard moisturiser (I use nivea once a month if I remember normally just when I have to do this!) and smear it all over your face, then using my little finger add some tea tree oil on the spot. It seems to help anyway. Toothpaste never works for me :(
    Good luck ;) And believe me, I'm right there with ya this week grrrr!
    Great post as usual, fast becoming a firm favourite to read xxx

  5. Ahhh the good old colgate facial, your skin smelt minty fresh and may have been free from plaque, but those little bastards were still there lurking underneath waiting to take over your face. I have upgraded from toothpaste to dispersible aspirin, disolve one of them to make a paste, dab it on the second head attempting to sprout from your face, I leave overnight, but it actually works! Less swelling, less redness.
    *there may be method in my madness - main chemical derivative of aspirin is salicylic acid...typical spot cream stuff.

    Another great post hun!xx

  6. Thank god I'm not alone. I thought everyone would be going, nope I never touch my spots :-)


  7. I try really, really hard not to touch mine but to no avail.
    To be honest, since using bareMinerals and sleeping in that instead of my old make-up, I now get less spots! Will I ever grow out of sleeping in make-up?!

    You my be on a health kick, but one of the most bitching side effects of a healthy life style and even a good skin care routine is that the first few weeks your skin will punish you!

  8. Even though you try, it's too hard keeping back from spots, especially when they're angry and you just want to intimidate them away from your face! I don't get breakouts often, but usually I do when I don't take my make up off at night. I think toothpaste does reduce swelling, but Clinique do a fab range that dries up spots - Blemish Gel I think it's called.

  9. Even though you try, it's too hard keeping back from spots, especially when they're angry and you just want to intimidate them away from your face! I don't get breakouts often, but usually I do when I don't take my make up off at night. I think toothpaste does reduce swelling, but Clinique do a fab range that dries up spots - Blemish Gel I think it's called.

  10. I don't squeeze (unless they are obviously a whitehead or blackhead or have 'stuff' inside and to be fair those only tend to appear on my back in which case the OH will volunteer)- I just apply Origins Spot Remover (which although it smells the same as all the other clear spot stuff works better I swear).

  11. Every single time I say I will not squeeze and instead apply Effaclar religiously... and after a couple of hours I can hear it asking to be squuezed, so I simply cannot resist. And then complain at how bad it looks afterwards.
    A routine as regular as a clock!

  12. So your fat and have spots
    Your the whole package aren't you

  13. True Anon, but I also have a lovely personality and a winning smile.

    Obviously something you are sadly lacking

  14. I think anon is describing itself. As Fashionista is hot as hell ,-) I saw the pic *fans self* phew hot

  15. I try not to pick em but just can't help it, I ALWAYS think I can make them better but always make them look worse!.
    Your skin care routine sounds like mine... I'm at the 'just bought new cleansers etc & I will look after my skin' this of course will only last as long as my guilt for spending enough to end the recession on skin care products that I know will go off rather than run out!.

    And yes I usually try the toothpaste route!

  16. Agree with katie - kellie is hot totty!
    As for spots they are the bain of my life. Just been using this really strong stuff and the spots might be gone but my face is dry as hell

  17. Last 'date' of sorts I had my hair looked great, no spots burst out, we got on really well... Clearly doomed right? (& no, wasn't with the fuckwit!)

    I try to follow the leaving them alone advice, as per Caroline Hirons, but doesn't always happen


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