Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Sureslim diet, The beginning (again)

Ok, here we are again, People who have been with me for a long time know that last year I lost nearly three stone (ish) by changing my whole lifestyle and eating habits with the help of Sureslim UK.

It works, it does.

I however, seem to be a bit broken.

I have HUGE issues with food that mean that when I am down, I eat, when I am happy, I eat, I use food as a reward, a punishment and a comfort (sometimes all in the same day)

Over christmas I ate myself ready to make that change once again and get back to healthy eating, I know that I can do it, I know that I see results and last time the support from you guys helped me immensely.

So yesterday I weighed myself for the first time in months and faced the fact that I had put on most of the weight I lost last year. It is no excuse but I had an awful last six months of the year and bad food choices were my way of trying to make myself feel better when all I wanted to do was sit in a corner and sob.


I am going to get this out there.

As of yesterday I weigh 14st 12lb

After I had finished swearing at the weighing machine (I nearly got escorted out of Boots the Chemist) I vowed that it is the LAST time I will ever weigh that.

I will be blogging my weight loss journey each week. If you have just started your diet and want to let me know how you get on each week as well that would be great. I think it is always helpful to do this with other people.

I am not seeing this as a diet, It will be a lifestyle change and I am once again looking forward to getting more energy, feeling more confident and being able to wear the clothes I wore last year.

I will update you all next Tuesday on my first weigh in (If I'm not banned from Boots) The last time I did this diet I lost 9lbs in my first week, If I lose 6lb this week I will be happy. (10lb and I'll be over the fucking moon)

Any of you guys started a diet?

Let me know how you are getting on,

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I am not starting on a diet, but I wish you much success with yours. Just remember, it's about eating sensibly and healthy. The weightloss will come as a result of that. Don't starve yourself. It's not supposed to be a punishment. Good luck! I'll be keeping track and cheering you on.

  2. You can DO this hun... Much loves xx

  3. My name is Sally Todd and I weigh 11 stone 7lb and am disgusted with myself. I weighed less than this on being discharged from hospital after having a baby!
    This year I turn 40 and I refuse to be "fat and forty." I am approx at the very least 2 stone over my healthy weight.

    I join you on your quest to make a change. I have chosen Slimming World which is great in helping to make better healthy eating choices! Good luck to everyone out there trying to shift those pounds. It's not easy and it's not fun but the prize at the end is so worth it.

    Sally x

  4. good luck with it, try not to beat yourself up when you have bad days - but if you've done it before you can do it again.

  5. I did the same as you Kellie in 2009 - lost 40lbs with SureSlim and whilst it was great I just found it so hard to stick to. Hence I've gained just about all that weight again and am also starting again. Trying to stick to healthy eating principles rather than following the SS diet exactly as I exercise a lot these days and found I was just too hungry all the time - I think that's what eventually pushed me off the whole dieting wagon to be honest. But the exercise makes me feel great so I'm not willing to give that bit up - so if I have to lose weight slightly more slowly than with SS then so be it.

    Day 1 yesterday was ok'ish - right up until I ate a couple of mince pies after dinner. What can I say? They were homemade and delicious (and at least I left the Christmas tree chocolates alone). I'm trying not to focus on the mince pies but concentrate on the fact that the rest of the day was fine - and I'm off to the gym this morning so maybe I can work off one or two of those extra calories. Today is a new day and will be full of good food choices - especially if I manage to persuade my skinny 16 year old son to finish all the rest of the mince pies and tree chocolates!

    Good luck to us all


  6. We can do it.
    I think 2012 is the blank canvass I needed to let me make the changes.

    Hi Sue, I know what you mean about SS but once I'm into it I never feel hungry. My problem is always my head and going back to rewarding myself and punishing myself with food.

    This time WILL be different.

  7. Sally, we WILL do it. I've had great results from Slimming World in the past.

    Let me know how you get on

  8. Hi Kellie ,

    Like you I have issues with food and use it as a crutch. Happy, sad, celebrations...I don't need an excuse to eat. I am 12.5 st after having my son and have a bmi of 29...eeek!

    Started Slimming World yesterday and going to start Zumba.

    Good luck to us all! Hope the weight gets lower and confidence gets bigger x

  9. Right with you hun. Lost 16lb from Oct to Dec on Slimming World went to weigh in on 27th Dec and had gained 4lb, which I wasn't too freaked about and continued to eat what I liked til 2nd Jan. Binned everything on Monday and went back to SW with a vengence. Like you food is comfort, treat, reward and the enemy. This year I want to lose at least 2 dress sizes. I would reveal my weight but I'd die of shame and have to leave twitter and blogging so I wont!! Keep us posted and bloody good luck!xx

  10. Ah yes mother was an emotional feeder e.g. shove bottle/food in baby/kids mouth rather than show it love = big fat bird most of life. Lost a lot of it, put some back on, reasonably happy with being a curvy bird at moment. However...I've decided to Walk Away From The Scales and will eat better and do some sort of sodding exercise a day - even if that does involve a couple of hours trawl of the shops :-)

    You are WERY WERY brave putting your weight on here...I applaud you. Loudly. I know it's to be healthier...cos you KNOW you're bloody gorgeous whether you're curvier or slimmer *cue envious face at your natural beauty*.

    You go and lose it are an effing TOP role model. I heart you. And your curves.

    MWAH xxx

  11. Last year I lost 35 pounds before my wedding. The last half of the year saw my wedding ruined by a hurricane a move to the UK and another freaking job hunt. I've gained back about half of what I lost. This year my husband and I are going to try to loose weight together.

    I'll definitely be following along with you!

  12. I've been steadily putting weight on since I met my boyfriend 3 years ago - none of my clothes fit now and my BMI is getting towards the obese category so things have to change. I'm doing the South Beach diet (no/low carbs and low fat/sugar to keep heart healthy) as every meal I have has too many carbs in them, and hitting the gym properly. I'm embarrassed of the way way I look and really unhappy with my weight - plus I'm a bridesmaid in July and the 6 other bridesmaids are all a size 10 or below and about a foot shorther than!

  13. Wishing you the best of luck with this, I very much enjoyed reading your highs and lows of dieting last time round (back in my welshbeautyblog) days and we always seem to be dieting at the same time- I find it inspiring and encouraging to know somebody else is going through the same.
    It's back to very low carb/Atkins for me, purely for medical reasons and I struggle with it do much but this year I *will* lose all this weight, how long I make it without fruit and dairy though is questionable!

  14. Once upon a time I was diagnosed with an eating disorder... it was all to do with emotional eating, etc. Since I starting focusing on fitness and not my weight though, I have found that my relationship with food has improved. I see it as fuel for my running and if I eat a lot of sweet stuff, I cannot run for a long time without getting cramps - so in order to enjoy my running, I have to eat healthy...

    Wishing you all the best for 2012 and I hope to see those numbers decreasing and your mood lifting week by week :)

  15. Hi ladies, thanks so much for all your support. My diet is low carbs as well no bread, rice or potatoes but it makes me be a lot more adventurous and as white bread gives me awful stomach pains it won't hurt to stay away will it :-)

    We can do it.

    I don't think I'm brave for putting my weight on here. It's the last time I will weigh that. And that's a promise

  16. My blog post yesterday was about my weight, seems many of us are in the same boat.
    I did a weekly weigh in on my old old blog when I lost my weight before falling pregnant with Emmy, so going to do that on my blog again.

    I don't mind displaying my weight, anyone can see I ain't no size 12 haha

    Good luck :)

  17. You can do it hun, do keep us posted, I love reading how fellow ladies are getting on. I'm on Weight Watchers, lost 10, put 3 pound on over Christmas, I have this weekend to go then my first weigh in. I got a shit load of biscuits and chocs for Christmas so they need to go first, I'm not the kinda gal to throw them out! Good Luck, 6lb? Piece of Pish! xxx

  18. Good luck with your lifestyle change! I don't do diets, because I don't believe in them. What I do believe is cutting out the crap that sneaks back into my life. I'm dealing with oedema at the moment, which can make me put on 3kgs a day, so not so fun!

    Drinking 2.4 litres per day is a requirement to deal with the oedema, and has had an accidental side benefit of making me less hungry. I've also been told to cut out salt. I never add it, but it is in so much stuff!

  19. I eat carbs too. I think your body needs them. I just try and be smart about them. I eat carbs and protein for breakfast, and lunch or dinner, and make sure I eat protein at every meal.

    Exercise is key and I don't do enough, so I try to step up incidental exercise and hope it's enough. It's not!

    Good luck, Kellie! :)

  20. I'm not dieting in the terms of following a plan but I'm cutting out alcohol and junk food in the hopes of loosing a stone this year.

  21. Well I love my Kellie whatever she weighs! I will not give up drink or drugs for anyone. I'd rather be fat. Pmsl xx

  22. I was pretty ill during December, stuck in bed for 3 weeks solid and managed to gain 7kgs from that, on top of the weight I've gradually been gaining over the last year. My new years resolution is to start exercising again, go to the gym, eat healthily and don't eat because I feel like it. Sounds easy, from experience I know it's not. Good luck!

  23. I so wish you well with this. I'm getting back on the Sureslim wagon tomorrow myself, I feel great on this diet and the weight really comes off when I apply myself. Best of all, my blood pressure comes way down and I can actually take half a pill a day versus a whole. It's so worth it, althouhg I do struggle in the first week or two and find if I can just get the first couple of weeks underway I can sail on through quite happily for up to 2-3 months.
    When I turn 56 this April I'd like to weigh 156 lbs., that's my goal.


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