Monday, 2 January 2012

Washing that ad right outta my hair

Dear Ms Tyler,

I like you, I really do. You were really cute in Armageddon and you were so good in......................
Ok, so that is pretty much the only film I know you were in. (Mr F, loves that film you see, oooh he gets so teary at the end) I'm sure you've done others but to be honest with you, unless there is an oversized Shark or other oversized water based creature such as a Piranha or a Sharktopus (don't ask)  terrorizing and getting all bitey with the local community I tend to get bored pretty quickly.

But I digress.

Liv, you stand out because of your silky brunette locks, of which I am really jealous I must admit.

But I have a bone to pick with you.

Now I'm no beauty expert, but I'm pretty sure you are trying to blow smoke up my arse when you tell me that you achieve your luscious locks by using Pantene shampoo.

I'm not knocking Pantene here by the way, it does exactly what it says on the bottle.
(Don't sue me ffs)

But there is more chance of me taking my make up off of a night than you washing your hair in Pantene regularly. (I really don't, I'm a lazy cow like that) Liv, I'm sure you have lots of bottles in your palatial home that Pantene have sent to you as part of the contract but that doesn't mean you actually use them does it?

Does ANYONE believe it when a huge star endorses a product these days anyway?

Listen up brands because I have a fabulous idea.

Drop the celebrities and the film stars. we don't believe a word of it. (Cynical lot that we are)

Instead, why not hire some bloggers to endorse your products in ad campaigns.

I can imagine the glamorous Louise from Get Lippie being the poster girl of all things Tom Ford. I'd certainly believe her when she told me she wore the lipstick frequently and we should too.

And the first nail polish company that snaps up Helen from Just Nice Things would get me buying the whole range she endorsed and begging for more

and if I saw Caroline Hirons from Beauty Mouth  on my television box telling me to purchase a certain skincare range........... oh hang on, I HAVE !!!!!!

But you get my point, Like HELL does Liv Tyler get up in the morning and use a ten pence piece sized blob of Pantene to wash her mane. In fact, I'm not even sure she even washes her own hair at all.

I want believable people recommending to me what to use on adverts not celebrities and film stars who you just know are in it for the cash. (Tax bills are apparently an amazing incentive for celebs to sell out I hear)

Bring me some people who I truly believe in to tell me they use your products and I really should do to, stick them on posters and my telly box, stick them on the interweb and then I will buy into your brand.

I'm off to drink coffee now....................

It's the same one George Clooney drinks


Who would YOU like to see advertising your favourite products?

Do you believe in celebrity endorsements at all?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I hate this advert too for the same reasons - she's also in some swanky perfume ad at the moment which totally contrasts with the Pantene use if you ask me. I wonder if she's a bit short of you said, I only know of her being in that and Lord of the Rings.

    I detest rubbish celebrity endorsements, if someone is being paid megabucks to promote something that the likelihood is they never use then surely it makes the recommendation null and void? I also hate irrelevant celeb endorsements (Kevin Spacey - American ok.) and that annoying Cheryl Cole shoe advert...I'll stop now.

  2. Love this! I don't believe the celebrity endorsement ads at all. It's just a job, it's not real, why try & make us believe otherwise?

    I agree with all of your ad recommendations above. You totally should have a job advertising McQueen jewellery. And I'm always home to Mulberry asking me to advertise their bags...

  3. I laughed out loud to this. Then Himself asked what I was laughing at and I let him have a read, which then sparked another funny conversation. You are a brilliant writer and I LOVE how your mind works! Keep it up!

  4. It is amazing how people fall for this kind of thing. I read somewhere that a couple of tricks of the trade in hair ads is to iron the hair and use sheen products to make the hair look really glossy for the camera. Something the product alone would never achieve!

    And how many times have we seen celebrities using a rival product to the one they are endorsing? PrincessofVP is right; it is a job nothing more!

  5. haha, had this conversation with MsRed last night, and I said I don't believe a word, she probably washes it in ewes milk and liquid gold.

    Its like in magazines, the whole 'What's in my make-up bag' section, if a celeb has say 4 or 5 Collection 2000 products, then a few higher end bits I am more inclined to think they are lying or are endorsed by Collection 2000 (yes, freaky claw hand Vickers, you!) and don't believe they actually use the products.

    Oh and thank you for the make-up admission. I had to change my contact lenses this morning as I didn't take my make-up off last night and couldn't see when I woke up. Whoops!

  6. So very true. I felt the same about Pantene when they got Cat Deeley to promote it. There's no way in hell they use the range for their hair, and if they do it certainly doesn't make it look like it does in the ad - that'll be the hairstylist and the 3hrs prep.

    Celeb endorsements are pointless, but unfortunately the big companies like Unilever, P&G and L'Oreal have always done that (and have the budget to do so) so they don't know any other way. I think it will change though as a lot less focus has been placed on celeb endorsements over the last 5yrs.

    However, what the celeb endorsement does buy the brand is interview opportunities with glossy mags to push the product, a fabulous set of imagery, stand out in a crowded market and recognition in a cluttered set of tv ads. Unfortunately this is worth more than the acrtual celeb face - which is why they do it.

    I agree about bloggers though. I think it will go that way over the next few years as we become more 'mainstream'.

  7. Oh my God!!! I think exactly the same - although not as eloquently or as funny as you. My most hated one is Rachel Weisz in the L'oreal one - AS IF!! Oh, and Eva Longoria in the hair dye one. I'm sure she sits at home with vaseline round her hairline getting dye all over her bathroom - grrrr.

    Great post.

  8. Starting the year with a spot of mind reading, impressive! Actually watched this advert for the first time last night and thought "not a cats chance in hell" at the same time wondering if she has to sneak her Kerastase delivery in through the back door and what a terrific nightmare covert shampoo shopping must be for all these celebs endorsing high street hair care!

  9. I've always had this opinion! Because of course, Davina & Cheryl really die their hair with a £4 home dye kit. Very likely.

  10. The Nicky Hambleton-Jones one at the moment where the very most the *expert* can say is that washing with Pantene makes your hair look healthy makes me cringe - and the bit at the end where she says she *might* buy some herself... I mean, what were they thinking???

  11. Hear Hear!
    It annoys me when brands use superstar and try to make us believe said stars managed to look beautiful only using their products!
    Yeah maybe LV had her hair washed with Pantene that day, but she also had a professional to blow dry it, a lot of other products, maybe some extension, favourable lighting and photoshop!! Which are things you do not have on hand, us common mortals.

  12. I agree about the celebrity thing. Unfortunately, and I don't know how or why, but there are actually quite a lot of women who buy shit because celebrities endorse it. I KNOW. It's pretty much the only way Hello and OK Magazine stay afloat.

    But there are also plenty of people who don't care about which famous person uses which product. But are bloggers the answer? I don't really think so. Because as soon as they get on telly, they'll essentially be a 'celebrity' too. And once again, out of reach and better than the average person. That's just what telly does to people.

    So what's the answer? Not really sure. Using 'real people' isn't exactly inspiring (hello Dove) but a bit refreshing I suppose. Maybe we should revert back to the ol' 1950s housewife recommending Daz for the whitest whites my husband ever did see, golly gosh. That's definitely the way forward.

  13. Looks like none of us are buying into celeb endorsements any more.

    So what DOES make you buy?

  14. Every time Liv Tyler comes on my TV screen, I honestly scream at it, for the same reason I shout at my screen every single sodding time Cheryl Cole appears on my screen promoting L'Oreal!!

    It's a nice idea to think that these women genuinely use these products, but who are they trying to kid? Their hair didn't exactly look too shabby before they allegedly started using these products now did it?

    RE: The Nicky Hambleton-Jones advert being cringeworthy, I totally agree, because I don't for a minute believe anything that the advert is saying. For starters, the so-called "experts" work for Pantene!! That's hardly unbiased!

    I think it would be great if there was a TV show that was dedicated to properly reviewing beauty products from a 100% unbiased point of view. And I don't mean the quick reviews that they do on Gok Wan, but thorough reviews, down to the ingredients used. Women are sick of being conned and lied to, we just want to know the basic facts so we know what we're putting on our skin, or in our hair!!

  15. So agree, I find all the celebrity endorsed products so cheesy. It's all false, badly scripted and I don't believe any of them use the products they're recommending! x

  16. I can *almost* believe that Stacey Soloman's freezer is full of Iceland food, but she seems more like an Asda girl to me.

    As if Liv lets that stuff anywhere near her precious locks!! xx

  17. This totally made me laugh! I completely agree, although listening to Liv say 'TES CAOW' made me chuckle for ages!

    Apparently Taylor Swift's commercial for CoverGirl was actually banned in the UK because it had been photoshopped so much it was completely unrepresentative of the product. It's the same with any mascara when they're all shot in advertisements with enhancement post production and lash inserts.

    No one believes it. I just wish they'd stop it.


  18. I hate that advert, had a mini rant on twitter last night. All celeb endorsements are bollocks.

  19. I always pee myself laughing when Liv says, as Dawniepants put it "TES CAOW" haha, because as if she's even heard of Tesco before. The fact she doesn't know how to pronounce the world says it all really!!

  20. I'm going to go against the flow here and say that a *genuine* celebrity endorsement is worth its weight in gold. Chantecaille couldn't keep a lipstick in stock after a certain Ms Jolie-Pitt was seen applying one in public (go to the bathroom to do that, Angelina dear) and Pai had a massive boost after Natalie Portman said she liked their face cream.

    It has to be believable though, otherwise you make the brand look silly and devalue the celebrity 'brand' too - as the examples in the other comments demonstrate ;)

  21. Basically, I won't ever believe that a celebrity uses a product that I can afford.

  22. Haha! Totally agree though I do love a bit of Liv! Her hair is so shiny and the thought of buying Pantene for shiny hair did cross my mind. Don't judge me!

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