Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Weigh in week 2

So here we are, week 2. it came around really fast this time. Whereas the first week dragged its arse like a dog with worms, this week I found myself with a lot more energy and the week has gone so much quicker.

I found that the cravings have been a lot easier to deal with as well. I still had a lot of times when I would have eaten your eyes for a bar of chocolate, but that went pretty fast and I found ways to distract myself easily whereas last week I would have cried (Ok, I did cry a couple of times)

One thing that I loved about this diet last time and it has helped me to settle in a lot easier and quicker this time is the way how it helps me to be inventive and creative. Whereas I used to choose pasta as a quick comfort food (Alright three packets of crisps, you got me) instead I am slicing peppers and onion and celery for a quick stir fry.

And I am enjoying it.

I am keeping up with my water intake as well to combat the vicious headaches I have been suffering and what I have been doing as well is drinking hot water instead of having coffee so I am lowering my caffeine intake considerably (That may explain my threat to eat peoples eyes, although that might just be me.)

One thing I have noticed this week is my usually bad skin is so so so much worse, I am suffering from quite painful sore spots at the moment and that does drag me down a lot. but I am trying to think of them as all the crap leaving my system and be positive about it instead of surfing the internet for a gimp mask (Never know when it would come in handy)

So how did I do this week?

I lost 3lb.

I wanted 4lb but I'm not going to complain, that is still 9lb in two weeks and I am in a really positive frame of mind whereas before I had been able to do a week of a diet and then I lose my willpower and fall off the wagon and land face first in a cream cake. Something has just clicked again this time and I am ready to get back in the saddle and keep going,

This week I am going to introduce some exercise into my new lifestyle and get back on my bike.

I love this new journey of 2012 and I am really willing to give it 100% and keep it up.

3lb off?

Yes I am happy with that. Roll on next week

Big Fashionista x x


  1. 3 lbs is very good! for a sweet fix that isn't tooo bad, dilute some good quality fruit juice with sparkling water. Your chocolate craving is also cos you have cut down your coffee, unfortunately there is nothing to substitute those heavenly things, so you will have to just enjoy them in Moderation!

    But well done and keep with it!

  2. Excellent, glad you are finding it a bit easier too. I'm still struggling beyond belief, not sure how much longer I can stay on my diet. Think it's time for a change but it's all I've ever known and the results are good. Will also be contemplating the E word. Only contemplating, for now though ;) well done xx

  3. Congratulations! 3lb in a week is fab, keep at it :)


  4. That is well done, it isn't easy especially when it's cold and all we wanna do is snuggle up with comfort stodge and alcohol! Keep going, hope exercise goes well x

  5. Well done! That is fab, I'm a bit of a chocolate fan too, Galaxy Ripples are my fav. I lost 2 pound this week xx

  6. *guards eyes with lab goggles*
    Well done! Although it isn't as large a loss as you wanted, it is still a massive step in the right direction! My skin is also going through that massive 'eliminating the crap' phase! It's brilliant that you are making a lifestyle change.


  7. Slightly more encouraging than my measley 1lb last week... is 4 lb this week! You're doing ridiculously well (consistently better than me by the sounds of it) so keep it up! x


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