Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Yacht a mistake

So the Education Secretary Michael Gove has called for the Queen to be honoured with a new yacht to celebrate her Jubilee has he?

Firstly, Well now you've just gone and ruined the surprise haven't you Mr Gove (You spoilsport)

Secondly,  If I was Mrs Gove and I had an anniversary coming up, I would certainly expect nothing less than a new car!!!

Anything less than that Mrs Gove and I would be banishing Michael to the spare house ASAP.

Can you imagine it if she got something for the house?  "So the QUEEN gets a yacht and I get a BLOODY Hoover? Oh hell no you cock."

I really don't know why people are so shocked that a member of parliament can get it so wrong and in these harsh and uneasy times call for the queen to be given a yacht.

Now I don't care whether it is coming out of my pocket or not, I really don't want to hear about someone receiving a yacht as a pressie. Hell I get jealous hearing that someone has received a new lipstick, a yacht is going to tip me over the edge. (and I'm teetering, teetering I tell you)

And who is going to wrap the bloody thing anyway????
(Don't look at me, I'm awful with sellotape)

The only way I can be on board with this yacht gift is if the queen receives it and then hands it back to the nation like a giant UK timeshare.

If that happens then I will gladly sing Happy Birthday and act all surprised when she unwraps it.

And then put my name down for August bank holiday 2013.

That's MY weekend ok?
Back off.

What do you think?

Will Mrs Gove be disappointed with her anniversary gift this year?

Should the Queen receive a new Yacht for her Jubilee

And does anyone know why the Education Secretary is getting involved in anything other that say, educationy sort of things?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I'm quite miffed about the whole thing. I think it's, at the very least, poor taste that we're regularly reading about deserving disability claimants being removed from benefits due to the new rules that dictate that we can't afford to pay for these 'workshy' then on the other hand we've somehow got 60m spare for a bloody boat! I've never hated an MP quite so much as I hate Cameron. Fabulous post luvvy :) xx

  2. I think I want a yacht.
    I'm neither English, nor descendant of any royal family (or even nobility), but I want one. Surely I could be Queen somewhere.
    Mind, was reading the French news this morning, the fact that your education secretary said this raised a few eyebrows (and then they went back down again, as usual)

  3. @BeautyGeekUK

    Well bloody said. She can have a yacht when the Government stop treating disabled people like the scum of the earth. Maybe some minted Arab sheik can buy Queenie a new boat if she's so gagging for a bit of life on the ocean wave? :)


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