Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Only a few hours after the death of Whitney Houston (and I think I am being generous here) the jokes started flowing about her death.

Whether it is ever proved that Whitney died of an accidental overdose, a prescription drug mix up or maybe something different all together what cannot be denied is that once more a troubled, creative soul has succumbed to their addictions.

Be it what finally killed her or not, her addictions certainly led to the beginning of her downfall.

And whether a celebrity or not, the death of anyone in the grip in an addiction is always a sad thing in my opinion.

Addictions are a evil, evil thing, be it an addiction to drugs, food, sex, prescription drugs or alcohol, no one ever sets out to be an addict. You always think that you will be the one that will be in control. You think in the now, the future can take care of yourself. Addiction does that, it allows YOU to think that you are the one who will beat the system. An addict never feel like addict. It is all a clever illusion designed to make you feel as if you are the one in charge.

You aren't.

And while some people can say that celebrities have a better support system or access to better facilities to get clean, whether you are rich, famous or just Joe Bloggs from down the street it has nothing to do with money or fame whether you will get clean or more importantly stay clean.

That is something that can only come from within

and it is DAMN, DAMN hard.

We all have our demons to beat.

It is just sometimes, they beat us first.

"Better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness"

Big Fashionista x x


  1. You sound as if you have a story to tell. Would be interested in reading that blog post

    1. It's out there. You just need to know where to look x x

  2. People are so awful about addiction. Sure, people choose to do drugs but how many choose to become hideously addicted? I certainly didn't, recreational drug use spiralled beyond my control after losing my first son. It was only when I found out I was pregnant again that I stopped taking drugs, it possibly saved my life.

    People say things such as 'I have no sympathy, shouldn't have touched drugs' yada yada, show some compassion. Fame doesn't equal happiness or the perfect bloody life, people struggle. Life is a struggle even if outwardly you have a fabulous life and believe me addiction can get to anyone.

    1. I agree and thank you for sharing that. People have a view of how addicts should look. Sometimes all is not how it seems and everyones path is different

  3. The first joke I saw about it on Twitter was after 12 minutes!! (And I know that because I went back onto TMZ to see when the story broke!) She was still somebody's family member and friend, it's so sad.

  4. Whatever your posion of choice, you still have to get through each day, and not everyone is brave enough to reach out. Because sometimes it's too dark to find the candle to light.

    1. That is very true. Which is why we need to talk about things and be there for people when we can.

      Lights candle and puts it up at my email address

  5. Whitney Houston was a very good singer and actress. She was a star and unfortunately she passed away to soon. RIP, Whitney!

  6. Addiction seems to be everywhere in our modern age: I've been diagnosed with an addictive personality and my addictions are legal but I'm self aware enough not to try anything illegal as I'm too scared of enjoying them. I'll stick to nicotine, alcohol, painkillers and food. Albeit I have an unhealthy relationship with them as is. Currently awaiting pain management detox...


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