Thursday, 2 February 2012

Baby it's cold outside

If you managed to catch a glance of the newspapers yesterday then I really wouldn't blame you if you were packing for warmer climates immediately.

"SNOW, ICE and its only going to get colder"

"Killer chill"

"UK Colder than Siberia"

Erm, you all know it is winter right?

I don't mean to be rude but why are we all still surprised that we get snow each year? We don't have to like it but I'd really everyone didn't act shocked by it.

It's cold? Well that is what happens in the winter.

It is February, it is cold, grey and dismal. (I'd be more shocked if it was 70 degrees)

We have been spoiled with the milder weather up until now and I think we are going to be paying for it HARD.

I think the winter is a little bit like the frog in the boiling water trick. If you put a frog in boiling water (or freezing climates) then it will jump straight out, but if you put put the frog in the water and gently warm it up then it won't notice the change in temperature.

That's autumn for you.

But because we have had a mild winter so far and stayed in double figure temperatures, now it has dropped quickly we are feeling the difference and trying to jump out of the pot (preferably onto a plane please, I'm feeling the need for a beach and the sun on my back) 

So what I can suggest is to wrap up warm, go out and buy some jumpers.....................

Oh, except you can't.

Because all the bloody shops are full of T-shirts and I kid you not BIKINIS.

(I'm not actually a 34GG, I'm just wearing 8 bikinis trying to keep warm)

I went shopping yesterday, If I was happy to colour-coordinate with frost and snow then I would be laughing. Pastel pinks, yellows, corals and blue (although the blue worked well with my frozen blue fingers) were everywhere. the materials were cotton, chiffon and some other light and floaty fabrics that made me shiver just looking at them!!!

I asked where the jumpers were in one shop and the poor shop assistant looked at me with such a sorrowful and yet mournful look you could just tell she had been asked the same question about 40 times already that day, her reply, "we have our spring/summer stock in now"

Ohhhhhh thats all right then, if I'm going to die of hypothermia at least I am saving myself the embarrassment of dying in winter clothes (Oh the shame)


I want WINTER CLOTHES because it is cold!

Because it is WINTER!

Sigh, am I truly the only person getting this?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I am with you on the clothes subject. I overheard a girl saying "oh it's freeeeezing" and all she had on her was a thin top. I really felt like saying "then wear a jumper woman!"
    Also I know it's cold but UK colder than Syberia??????? It's -3 not -30! Let's not exaggerate.

  2. You are so right. I see girls walking around complaining its cold. I'm like "wears your coat? Your scarf? Your gloves? Jumper? Trousers!!!" Sorry but what is it about wearing leggings in this cold? Unless they are under your trousers they shouldn't be worn in this cold. x

  3. hahahaha you are sooooo right!!!
    The younger ones at work are all wondering around complaining that they are cold when, if they actually put some clothes on they would feel much much better!!

    Fab post hun :)) Always make me smile xxxx

  4. I know exactly what you mean, I swear the new season 'collections' (of crap) come in months earlier each time, but the only upside of this is that eventually, the right season will be in the shops at the right time... only it will be spring summer 14 in '13 etc. This phenomenon confuses me as much as magazines with march on the front that come out mid january!

  5. We have a different problem here - freezing outside. Check. But then in the office it is pretty dress weather. This morning I was tempted to bring in a change of clothing. Who what now?

    So everyone recommends layering... erm... nope, hard Geordie here. I've been wearing my Mac all year round. But I know better than to complain!

    Kathryn x

  6. Oh my god totally agree. I can never understand why the media (and people) get so uppity about cold weather! It's winter you morons!!

    Absolutely ridiculous that once Christmas is over, it's like the shops go:

    "Ah, right. Next holiday is Easter...that's in the Spring, therefore. YES! I've got it, quick get the Spring collection out STAT!"

    I have to admit though, I have been taking advantage of the Sales for Maxi Dresses for my May holiday though :P

  7. What I love is the DM headline (insert disclaimer) "Siberian winter to arrive, experts say 1500 a week will die" What they fail to mention is that in the UK, week in week out, 1499 people die anyway.

  8. I was in Moscow for a couple of days last week, I'm not afraid of the cold anymore. Now where did I put my furry hat, I knew it was a good idea to keep it with me!

  9. You are so right, and I am SO glad I bought loads of jumpers in Autumn.. I was wondering if I'd get to use them this winter but now I am and Im happy (sits here all warm and snug)

    But some people havent got the memo its winter yet, the outfits I see people (girls mostly) wearing and Im amazed they can move without some frozen part snapping off... O.o

  10. I agree, and it's the same story in August when I'm patiently waiting for summer to begin, and they bring in the A/W collection! Ridiculous.

  11. Oh God so true- so true that to get some more jumpers to layer up for the school run I had to search the local second hand shops. Some girls in my town, their only concession to the freezing conditions is to wear Uggs with denim shorts and those baggy t-shirts. FFS, I'm so cold I would wear the nastiest 80s jumper going to keep warm, and am seriously considering investing in long johns and they're swanning round like its Summer. What is with that?


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